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Animangaki Winner Interview Part 4 (Karaoke Group Category)

Animangaki Winner Interview Part 4 (Karaoke Group Category) by Ezli Qamari

Ezli: Hi Akimoto Yumi, thanks for spending time for this interview. All of us from CosPLAY-Fun would like to congratulate you and Jacqueline Lavena for winning the Karaoke Group Category at Animangaki 2010.

Akimoto Yumi: Thank you.

Ezli: How long do you guys practice for the competition?

Akimoto Yumi: Me & Jac practiced for like one or one and a half week to finish the whole song.

Ezli: What are the challenges that you face while practicing the song?

Akimoto Yumi: While we practice, the most challenging part is the harmonizing part.

Ezli: What worries you the most about doing this song?

Akimoto Yumi: What worries me is to memorize the whole song because this is my first time to sing Japanese song. Most of the time I sing either English or Chinese songs, so I think it is time to practice more Japanese songs.

Ezli: What do you think of other group performance?

Akimoto Yumi: The other groups had tried their best and they performed really well since they sang out with all their hearts and effort that they had gone through.

Ezli: Are you surprise when they announce as the Winner for Karaoke Group Category?

Akimoto Yumi: I am really surprised that me & Jac won at the 1st place because we were in a messed on the chorus part and my voice kind of out of tune and I’m not really feeling well that day.

Ezli: After you watched the recorded performance of yourself at Animangaki, do you wish to change anything to make it better or perfect?

Akimoto Yumi: I will change in improving my performance and show myself who am I actually and also voice control.

Ezli: What are your plans for future competition and which competition are you joining?

Akimoto Yumi: Hmmm….I still haven’t plan yet for that, but if there is any competitions out there I will just join in.

Ezli: Since they don’t have winning speech at Animangaki, here’s your chance to say a few words.

Akimoto Yumi: Thanks for supporting me & Jac of getting in the first place and maybe we will do more duet songs or maybe solo in the future in any events or competitions to make everybody to enjoy singing the songs together!! Cheers 😉


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