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Comiket Cosplay How To

These are based on the rules and my own experience from Winter Comiket 2010 and some might change for the upcoming Comiket. These info also are included in the Comiket Catalog. So if you decided to go, better get a copy a week before the event.


Before entering the changing room, you will need to pay 800yen per day and will be given a small booklet. It will act as your cosplay past to get in the dressing room and cosplay area. After you have done changing into your costume, you will need to register your character at the exit of the dressing room and received a stamp on your booklet. Dont lose the booklet. You will need to pay again and get the booklet again to get in.

Dressing room Rules

  • Entry is 800yen per day
  • Do not take a break/rest or wait for your friends inside the dressing room.
  • Do not use dyes or any color spray or anything that will make a mess
  • Do not disturbs others and take too much space
  • Please try to change as quickly as possible without taking too much space
  • Please use the locker nearby to keep all of your luggage.


  • Upon registration, you will receive a pamphlet and a sticker. The pamphlet contains the latest details and rules for cosplayers. Each day will have a different sticker color.
  • You must register each day you cosplayed.
  • Please bring the pamphlet everywhere you go because there will be checkpoints that will required you to show your pamphlet
  • If you happens to violate any rules, staff will note it on the pamphlet.

Dressing room, Cosplay Area and Hours

  • Dressing Room : 10am till 4.30pm (until 3.30pm for 3rd day)
  • Cosplay Area 1 (all 3 days) – North concourse area courtyard
  • Cosplay Area 2 (Day 1,2) – Lower courtyard east hall
  • Cosplay Area 3 (Day3) – Upper courtyard east hall
  • Cosplay hours are from 10am till 4pm except on the 3rd day (3pm)

General Rules

  • Arriving or leaving to the Comiket in costume is prohibited. Please use the changing room instead.
  • Register at the exit of the changing room after you have done changing into your costume and please carry the booklet anywhere you go. You also will need to register each day.
  • You may go in the halls in your costume as long you didnt go out of the exhibition hall.

Costumes Limitation

  • Unlike conventions on Malaysia, Comiket has pretty much strict regulations about costumes.
  • Uniforms that looks like public servants and rescue workers are strictly forbidden to avoid confusion with the real officers.
  • Military uniforms, SWAT members are forbidden.
  • Costumes that has sharp objects, fake blood, flammable materials, strong smelling substances, running lights, etc are prohibited.
  • Wires, spikes, blades or any long protrusions of all kind no matter if its made by metal or paper can cause injury. Refrain from using it.
  • Cape, skirts, dresses that are too long are acceptable but please becareful with them especially on escalators. I have personally seen one cosplayer with a very long dress got her dress stuck at the escalators. She’s lucky theres no real injury.
  • Inappropriate costume, nudity and transparent costumes is prohibited. Crossplaying is allowed but within the same limit.
  • Any protruding parts, shoulder pieces, wings are prohibited. It may cause injury to Comiket goers.
  • Hats, masks, helmets or anything that covers the face area must be removed when moving. You only allowed to wear them when are in the cosplay area and stationary.
  • No weapons of any size including swords, bows, guns, knives and any other sharp objects. This includes blunt projectiles such as balls.
  • Any props over 30cm in length, breakable are prohibited
  • Item or props that make noise such as flutes, musical instruments, megaphone are not allowed. For those that need battery can use it as props as long the batteries is not inserted.
  • Racist, insensitive costumes should be avoided.

Cosplay Area Rules

  • Cosplay area are very crowded. No dancing or performance is allowed.
  • There’s grassy and plants area on the Cosplay Area 1. Refrain from stepping on them. The lake and fountain area is off limit to cosplayers.
  • Distributing flyers are forbidden. Giving out cosplay card among cosplayers and photographer is allowed.

Haruhi said .. OBEY THE RULES OR ELSE !!


One response

  1. Lockers! ❤
    No weapons? Ok dealt with that.
    Thats a lot of safety regulation but i can agree to most of them.

    i love the "Racist, insensitive costumes should be avoided." .. tards like that should be hung on sight! lol

    13/01/2011 at 11:57 am

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