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What is Cosplay?

What is Cosplay?

COSPLAY is a word coined by Japanese Animation Magazine Editor, Takahashi Nobuyuki which stands for Costume + role-play. This came about after Mr. Takahashi visited World Con in 1984, which was the leading science fiction (sci-fi) convention in America at that time. He was astonished & enlightened after witnessing fans at the convention dressed up as popular sci-fi characters from Metropolis, Star Trek, Star Wars etc. After encountering this culture, Takahashi-san was determined to bring this phenomenon back to Japan but first it would need a name. Just as every new born baby is named before introducing its existence to the world, Takashi-san termed it – β€œCOSPLAY” & with the emergence of the internet, COSPLAY is now a worldwide phenomenon.

So COSPLAY is the act of dressing up as your favourite character & role-playing their character, voice & mannerisms. [*cosplay is NOT only confined to Japanese Anime characters, though it does refer to it most of the time since it was founded by a Japanese Anime Magazine Editor πŸ™‚ Takahashi-san!]

[Source – Channel News Asia], written by The Captain for the Malaysian Cosplay Community πŸ™‚


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