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Sucker Punch – The 1st View

WARNING: This is a movie for the imaginative but yet grounded in reality!

No Spoilers if you’ve seen the trailer 🙂

CLOSE YOUR EYES. OPEN YOUR MIND. You will be unprepared!

WOW! Where do I start with this movie? Well, I guess we start with the ‘MAN’ – the creator, so to speak, Mr. Zack Snyder! He first caught most of our attention with the movie, 300. Though it is not his first movie (the first was Dawn of the Dead), it is certainly his most famous… till now! His trademarks include the ability to shoot amazing CG assisted action sequences in slow-mo. He also has a real knack for choosing amazing songs for his movies.

Close your eyes & open your mind… Welcome into your mind!

Now what’s really significant about Sucker Punch is that this is Mr. Snyder’s  first movie, which is HIS own. It’s written, directed & produced by him. All his previous works were taken from or based on a graphic novel, comic, remake…but this one is his creation – a short story he wrote about a girl named Babydoll! “It later took on a life of it’s own as it evolved & expanded,” Snyder said. To make it work on the silver screen, he got his good friend, Steven Shibuya, to help transform it into a screenplay. Thus, Sucker Punch is like his debut, plus, it’s only the beginning of what his very mind can come up with!

So if you didn’t already know the synopsis… Sucker Punch is an epic action fantasy that takes place in the vivid imagination of a young girl, Babydoll (Emily Browning), who gets sent away to a mental institute by her step-father. There she teams up with 4 other young girls – Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish), Rocket (Jena Malone – I like her work), Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens) & Amber (Jamie Chung) in a quest for ‘freedom’. The rest I’m sure you would have already read from other sources so I won’t repeat that again.

The CAST – this has been the best kick-ass Chick Squad since Mc G’s Charlie’s Angels & the one woman vs the world, Miss Lara Croft! 2 girls out of the 5 were actually 2nd & 3rd choices to play their roles… though I still think they could have got someone else besides Vanessa Hudgens to play Blondie. I also like the inclusion of Scott Glen,whom at first I thought was Lance Henrikson… hehe…

The Badass Chick Squad!!

The MUSIC – Scores play a role in a movie but Mr. Snyder prefers and likes using a selection of songs significant to him. What are his previous selections? NIN – Just Like Your Imagination, Smashing Pumpkins – The End is the Beginning is the End, Muse – Take A Bow as well as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix, Simon & Garfunkel etc. So now we’ve got Mr. Snyder in his first own story & what do u know? He took his selected songs for the movie & raised it a notch higher by rearranging them, Marius de Vries and Tyler Bates to fit his scenes! Absolutely brilliant! *inside info… to further suit & personalize her character, Ms. Emily Browning lends her vocals to 3 tracks on the movie’s soundtrack which I am SO getting!

The crunch ‘Superhero’ landing!

The ACTION – OMG! Mr. Zack can make Spartan warriors & 80’s heroes’ costumes look SO glorified… what more with 5 gorgeous, fit & fearless girls with fire-arms + a signature melee weapon? Well, one thing is for sure, you’ll get lots of DEAD-BAD-GUYS. The confidence & badass swagger portrayed by the girls + shot by Zack Snyder’s slow-mo action style is something you will be unprepared to watch with your own eyes! Nuff said!

This is a still from the ‘sequence’, watch the movie to see the WHOLE sequence 🙂

Please do not compare this movie with Inception as the brilliance of it’s own is evident & will be more significant in the days to come as Synder teams up with Christopher Nolan (as Producer) for the next ‘SNYDER PROJECT’ – Oh, I like the sound of this phrase… Coming back to the project – next is a SUPERMAN reboot, which will most probably be named Man of Steel! I’m really excited about the prospect of a Snyder-Style Superman reboot!! Sucker Punch is a foreshadowing shape of things to come! I will end with the quote from the ‘MAN’ on the approach to the Superman reboot – “Respect the canon but don’t be a slave to the movies”.

Close your eyes. Open your mind. You WILL be unprepared.

SUCKER PUNCH opens nationwide

in Malaysia on 24th March 2011

The Verdict

9 / 10

Will be watching it again in 2D Digital. If there was a 3D version, I’d be there, too. Now, I’m on the look out for anyone who cosplays the girls!! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


This is the hope of things to come – MAN OF STEEL


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