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Captain America in July 2011

The First Avenger arrives – JULY 2011

I’m a BIG fan of Captain America… & he was my favourite comic book hero when I was growing up. After an ‘ok’  TV series in the 1980’s & an ‘ok’ movie in 1990, it was rather sad to hear no news of America’s greatest comic book hero. On the other hand, I think it’s a good thing that MARVEL STUDIOs has been set up so that there is better QC & justice is shown in the storyline… & the bonus is actually in getting to watch the exciting build-up of Marvel movies till… THE AVENGERS!

Anyway, here are little tidbits of fan-easter-eggs I enjoyed, just to share with you all 😀

1) In Iron Man (the first movie), there was a sighting of what looked to be a Captain America shield, which is partially correct, only it should be deemed as Project Super Soldier: Armament.

Lower right hand corner is the partial sheild

 2) In Iron Man 2, it appears again in Stark’s workshop. Agent Coulson’s expression of “Do you know what this is?” – which probably is reference to the fact that it’s a piece of history from the glorious era of WWII.

Agent Coulson with the Super Soldier shield

* So the best part I’d like to add to these 2 things we already know is, when I looked back at and through my comics, I found this!

Captain America Issue#340

Captain America issue#340 – page1

Captain America issue#340 – page2

Captain America issue#340 – page2 close-up

*So yes, TONY STARK actually makes Captain America a shield 😀

3) Captain America can barely be seen in a deleted scene from the movie, The Incredible Hulk.

The rough sillouette of Captain America in The Incredible Hulk movie

*MILD SPOILER THEORIES* for Captain America: First Avenger movie

These are my guesses for the movie:

  1. I believe Howard Stark will be in this movie (after re-watching Iron Man 2)
  2. Howard Stark creates S.H.I.E.L.D in this movie.
  3. I think they will show Howard Stark create some really dangerous but inactive stuff & he’ll store it away.
  4. I think a young Nick Fury will make an appearance.
  5. I think ODIN will make an appearance.
  6. The Stark Expo will be featured in this film (after re-watching Iron Man 2)
  7. The item shown at the ‘hidden’ end-scene of the movie, THOR  will be revealed.
  8. Captain America will be frozen at the end of this movie.
  9. Key words by Col. Fury – “Unlimited Power”. Project PEGASUS = Potential Energy Group/Alternate Sources/United States. This could be connected to Tony Stark with him creating a ‘New Element’, which could be unlimited energy. Howard knew about it but just couldn’t create it back then in the WWII era.
  10. This movie ends with a glimpse of who the baddie or baddies are in The Avengers!!

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  2. Hi, I just want to ask, do you where I can get Marvel comics? I’m currently reading Marvel comics online but I really want to get a physical copy. If you know where, please do let me know. Thanks.

    12/08/2011 at 7:36 am

    • hey there, to give u a better answer… I think I need to ask where u’re from… which country, which state… because we are based in Malaysia & my first answer would be – at a comic store near you 🙂 Drop us an email cosplayfun.my@gmail.com we maybe able to help u out better 🙂 Thanks for reading

      21/08/2011 at 1:47 am

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