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I hate math but let’s do some calculation on this one; film budget is only $1.5 million but the box office taking surpassed $50 million. Box-office success is almost like having a 2 star horror hotel room upgraded to a 5 star penthouse party where all the 13 ghost from ‘Thirteen Ghosts’ thinking where did we go wrong in our movie?

Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne), school teacher and stay-at-home mom respectively, recently moved into a new house. While exploring the attic one evening, their son Dalton (Ty Simpkins) falls down a ladder and bumps his head. He seems fine, but the next morning, he doesn’t wake and ends up in a coma. After he returns from the hospital, strange things start to happen: footsteps was heard all around the house, strange voice from the baby monitor and ghostly apparition. Renai was convince the house is haunted but Josh is trying to get logical solution not paranormal option.

‘Insidious’ might followed classic style horror but it’s still scares you almost every scene of the movie by just playing with it’s atmosphere. There is no actors screaming their annoying voice 80% of the movie just to prove to viewer that it is a scary scene (pointing to a local horror movie), there is no actor run around franticly with camera shake to show panic, there is not much CG effect or make-up to convince that there is a ghost around and no Shyamalan’s surprise twisted revelation to end it.

Following the success of ‘Poltergeist’ and ‘The Amityville Horror’, this movie strength is on the survival of a family throughout unbelievable traumatic challenge. The story is a bit shaky and at some point the plot was erratically everywhere while the family is presented with confusing astral projection/demonic possession/parallel spirit world but the important essence that makes ‘Insidious’ a success was superb acting, genius camera shot to create tension, lighting/color grading and sound/music that fit’s the scenes.

It’s not a movie for the skeptics, critical thinking smarty-pants or fans of gory horror movie but it’s still have a couple of good scary moments. But wait, I’m saving the best for last (and no, I’m not giving out spoilers) : ‘Insidious’ is directed by Malaysian-born James Wan who is the writer and director of the original ‘Saw’ and this time he teamed up with Paranormal Activity creators Oren Peli as the producer. Now you know why they can create magic out of a tight budget production!


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