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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides review

In this fourth instalment of Pirates Of The Caribbean, Jack is back, finding his way to find the Fountain of Youth, not for himself but for others. That one line said it all, Jack is maturing or perhaps just growing old, hence the Fountain of Youth might be beneficial to him either for remaining immortal or self-rejuvenation. This is only one of a few risks the new director, Rob Marshall, took in POTC: On Strangers Tides which made me worried for the whole 136 minutes.

Without a vessel of his own to command, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) finds himself aboard the ship of the ruthless captain of the fire-spewing Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard (Ian McShane) and his daughter Angelica (Penelope Cruz), with whom Sparrow shares a complicated romantic past. Blackbeard wants Sparrow to guide him to the Fountain of Youth, which is also being pursued by the peg leg Barbossa.

Rob Marshall tries hard to make this movie a breath of fresh air but somehow he seems to have trapped himself by overdoing it. After Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley have walked the plank, we thought the love plot will die with it, but no: the character, Angelica, steps in to fill the void in Jack‘s heart. When we thought no family value will be featured after Elizabeth and Weatherby Swann were separated by the death of the Governor, but no: here comes another father-daughter storyline.

Luckily, the pace picks up after the first 15 minutes of an introduction to weary characters. After the need of finding the first ‘ingredient’ to make the Fountain of Youth work its miracle, the story gets better and better until the end. It has mermaids, zombies and emotionless Spaniards but all of these can’t be compared to the marvellous character portrayals and performances by Johnny Deep and Geoffrey Rush, not even Penelope Cruz or the group of beautiful mermaids could challenge them.

The action sequences, frantic chases, giant sets and huge explosions will not disappoint fans. Viewers will be left with a darker side of the Pirates franchise aided by the shaded 3D glasses but POTC: On Strangers Tides does not need to change anything to make it good. Although, someone just needs to remind Rob Marshall that this is not ‘Chicago’ or ‘Nine’ so he need not turn the sword fighting scene into a dance number.

Just leave everything aside, lift your hands because when this movie begins it is like a theme park roller coaster ride that can’t be slowed down. Enjoy ride, enjoy the sights, and moving rapidly till you are on an adrenaline rush, hence, making this a movie filled with never ending excitement.

One last thing (quite important, too), stay back till after the credits have rolled for a little something.


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