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SILENT HILL G – Location Guide

WRITTEN BY: The CAPTAIN (Allen Yap) for COSPLAY-FUN Malaysia, Jan 2011

I call it Silent Hill G, G for Genting, is really an area located beyond the Mushroom Farm at the peak of Genting Highlands, heading towards the apartment building called Amber Court. The distance between the Mushroom farm & Amber court is about 6km and what u experience along the way – the quiet, desolate & foggy hill side, is amazingly close to what we find in the famous video game Silent Hill. To date, I’ve visited this location 5 times, once for a photo shoot. Heavy mist often occurs in the months of Dec & Jan.

Getting there

Well there are 2 ways to get to Genting, a) by driving your own vehicle or b) by taking public transport. I have done both & agree that the best way is to drive as walk is long & steep even to get to the mushroom farm, let alone to the 3 locations in Silent Hill.

 Once u reach peak of Genting Highlands, follow the signs & make your way to First World Hotel. Once u pass thru the main lobby / passenger drop off point of First World hotel – be on the look out for the ‘Mushroom farm’ or ‘Taman Cendawan’ sign & head in that direction. If u make a mistake then u would have to follow the ‘First World Hotel’ signs again to pass thru First World Hotel lobby in order to spot the ‘Mushroom Farm’ sign.

 Just before the Mushroom Farm there is a little roundabout in which u must take the direction that says Amber Court. Keep following the sign saying Amber Court & u will enter the Silent Hill area.



In Silent Hill G, there are 3 main locations in the Silent Hill G area:

1. The Cement Mill

Location 1 – The Cement Mill

 Its an open area so be careful if it suddenly starts to rain, make sure u’re ready to packup & leave. [Danger Level 30%] – rusted metal, broken glass around structures.

2. The Abandon Hospital (not really a hospital haha) 

Location 2 – The Abandon Hospital
Location 2 – The Abandon Hospital

Enter this location by the trail behind the building. Access the floor below via unfinished staircase. This has partial shelter on the middle levels. [Danger Level 50%] – The floors are slimy, dark & slippery when wet. Elevator shafts are open. No safety rails by the edges. Metal spikes sticking out. WATCH WHERE U STEP, I’m serious!

Inside Location 2 – The Abandon Hospital (Ground  Floor)

3. The Apartments (Amber Court)


Location 3 – The Apartments (Amber Court)
Location 3 – The Apartments (Amber Court)

Amber Court is an apartment area that is still inhabited & also rented to guest for holiday trips. The building would make an epic background for a battle scene. An alternative site to shoot is the car park area, in which I suggest u go one floor down & shoot at the wings (extreme ends of car park), away from the apartment guest. *This will also be a sanctuary for your team if it rains heavily. [Danger Level 20%] – Slippery slopes, dark areas in car park.


The most extreme conditions I’ve encountered:

December & January (it’s the season)

Temperature: 14 ~ 15 degrees C

Humidity: 90% – fog is thick with water vapour

Visibility 10m



Drive safely checklist:

  • Make sure not to overload the cars with passengers & equipment.
  • Make sure the driver is experienced in driving down hilly terrain as these roads have already claimed many lives! (drive in low gear) – dun try to imitate Takumi Fujiwara from Initial D!
  • Expect to drive in the FOG

     Allen’s Tips:

  • Girls should go to toilet b4 shoot, becoz there will be none near by. Guys much easier right? haha
  • Sudden heavy rain can occur so get ready your umbrellas & rain coats.
  • Bring some big plastic bags to cover ur equipment or props in case of rain.
  • Bring a towel for the ‘wetness’.

For more info just ask or email us cosplayfun.my@gmail.com

Be careful… you’ll never know what you’ll see there!

Have FUN & safe on-location photo shoot!!



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