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Rehearsal Night for Asia Cosplay Meet (Friday, 3rd June)

Rehearsal of Asia Cosplay Meet Cosplay Competition was scheduled to start at 10:00pm but delayed till after midnight. Team members & helpers work hard in putting final touch on their costume & props. Stage size was a bit disappointingly small as props were big & blocked the view (you’ll see on video later). Sound was superb but lighting were erratic & uncontrollable which didn’t suit for some skit. The cage barrier for audience is small even though there is a large unused area on the left & right side of the stage.

The hardworking team can't rest after the long trip from KL

Look at the size of that thing

Walk this way....

Yuan, Narukids & Sky listening closely to Amos

Stairs still not prepared on the rehearsal night. So all need to crawl on stage

f you don't have stairs, rims of papers ALSO CAN!

Let the rehearsal begins! ......after midnight

So happy & cheerful, don't even need costume to rehearse!

Giant wings on the way

Double check the tracks

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