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The Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) ~Continued~

Harry Potter (Narukids Deadfish)

*Warning Spoilers Below*

“Look at me. It’s all end here. 715.” For those out there who are a hardcore fandom of Harry Potter franchise should be wise alert of what this mean. It’s all about Harry Potter. Professor Snape last speech before he die. The end of an era of Harry Potter. For me, as a one of the most hardcore Harry Potter fan, am able to say that I’m the most lucky person because I am able to watch the movie, much more early then the actual release date. I’m lucky enough to watch it during the premier in Malaysia on July 12th, 2011 with my fella cosplay friends who share the same fandom as me!

Venue at TGV Sunway Piramid, Petaling Jaya, almost all halls in TGV was booked and occupied by just Harry Potter fans. Before the premier show starts at 9.30pm, fans and movie goers has already camp outside the cinema, since 6pm, to join the special activities provided by the distributors, Warner Bros Malaysia. Everyone dress up as witches, wizards, warlocks, Death Eaters, Hogwarts’ students or just a simple muggles-who-entered-the wizard-world come and didnt miss the chance to play the latest Harry Potter games, snap a photos with the characters’ banner or have a very close shot with us! The Harry Potter cosplayers which was specially invited to debut during the premiere by Nor Hazlinawati and Ezli Qamari.

We came in a group of Hogwarts’ student, which was monitored by Professor Severus Snape (Allen Yap). I’m cosplaying as Harry Potter, while my other teammates came as Ron Weasley (Potter Sam Leong) Hermione Granger (Silvennia Silsendrea), Ginny Weasley (Anna Sagara) Luna “Loony” Lovegood (Waninoko Totodile), Draco Malfoy (Shiomaru) and we also have the newly-wed-loving couples. Billy Weasley (Ay Ikke Jay) and his lovely wife, Fleur Delacour (Cappy Phreakyfish). A muggle friend (Freya Lim Wui Na) came and accompany us during the activities.In the middle of nowhere, we have some battle with Voldermort’s most loyal liutenant, Bellatrix Lestrange (Catherine) and fella Death Eater (Kwan). This battle really attract attention from other witches, wizards and muggles around the cinema to have some looks on us and snap pictures.

9.30pm. Finally we all go into the cinema, grab a muggle-famous-snack, Popcorn and cokes, find our seats and heads up to the Muggle-wall-Pensieve and watch ourself, playing our own characters for about two and a half hour.

LOL okay, enough review from the witches/wizards point of view. Back to reality and comment from the real Harry Potter’s fans point of view. All of us, me and my teammates felt that the final movie was beyond awesome! We cheered together when Neville finally slide the Gryffindor Sword through the last Horcruxes, Nagini. We clapped our hands when Voldermort finally vanished after his own killing spell rebound back to him and we all go “awww~~~” when Harry hug his son, Albus Severus Potter. Tears almost drop down (one of us really cried) when the screen went dark. Long story-short, we felt the movie is really great and sad at the same time. Sad is because we won’t see this epic movie franchise ever again… and this is the end of an era, of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter a.k.a Narukids Deadfish


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