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Recent News August 2011 – Week 1

CONGRATS TO Team Brazil who were just crowned World Cosplay Summit winners for 2011. This is Brazil’s 3rd championship & the pairs (who are brother & sister) 2nd title, with their first being in 2006.  Not to forget the highlight of this years WCS 2011 is the fact that Malaysia makes it debut as country number 17th to participate in this global event at the “home-land” of cosplay – Japan 🙂 Our country is represented by Sky & Yuan who have bravely under taken the challenge to complete their way to Johor Bahru, then to Singapore just to make to Japan, YOSH! For more info, news on WCS & results click here.


ANICOM is BACK!! The famous “T-HOP Sg Wang” Cosplay Competition returns again spanning 3 Sundays in September – 4th Sept, 11th Sept & 18th Sept 2011. RM1,500 to be given away each weekend to the Cosplay winners (only 1st & 2nd place). Click here to view the forms.


 Check out our event addition videos of the cosplay skits from Hari Belia at our official facebook page.


20th – 21st August – Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention (STGCC) in SUNTEC City Convention Centre Singapore.

NEXT MONTH – Check here coz its piling up!! –  Events List 2011



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