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Recent News August 2011 – Week 4

AFA announces their guest for “I LOVE ANISONG”. So who is on the list?? The famous ones return – May’N, Ichirou Mizuki followed by first timers FLOW & LiSA.


FLOW is a J-rock band of 5 members who came together in 1998 but debut in 2001. After 6 albums & 21 singles… their songs have been included in anime such as Code Geass, Eureka 7, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Heroman & Persona Trinity Soul.

LiSA is a girl born in the Gifu perfecture & is more known now to be the singing voice for Yui, the second singer of the fictional band ‘Girls Dead Monster’ from the hit anime serious ANGEL BEATS!. LiSA recently launched her solo mini album, “Letters to U”, and I believe she will be performing songs from that album as well as some hits from Girls Dead Monster.


What’s NEXT? – September 2011
ANICOM 2011, 4th Sept, 11th Sept & 18th Sept
Malaysia International Toy Fair, 9th – 11th Sept
Animangaki, 10th & 11 Sept

For more details –  Events List 2011



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