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Here are a few tips that I would like to share of my experience at ANICOM.

  1. If you are going to cosplay & not enter the competition, I suggest u go straight to the 6th Flr & then only change instead of parade around the mall in costume. TRUST ME, Sg Wang Plaza is NOT a mall u want to parade around while cosplaying. The majority crowd both chinese & malay teens have very lose tongues & dish out free / loud comments to your face (especially on the weekends). If u can handle it then ok. Also remember that on the weekends, Sg Wang plaza is very crowded & pathways are narrow. So girls watchout if you’re wearing something sexy, u might get groped in tight spots within the mall.

  2. ANICOM may not look like much of a competition due to the poor venue, venue condition & sound system conditions BUT with the Prize money of RM1,000 for 1st Place & RM500 for 2nd Place, the BEST cosplayers “BRING IT”, bring their best costumes & skits to bag that prize money!! Not to mention the competition is held thru 3 sundays which is a total of RM4,500 to be given away.

  3. If u are entering the Cosplay Competition, I do suggest u pre-record all your dialogue & practice your timing to it. Feedback from the microphones is common due to the dimensions of the venue.

  4. Most important thing if you’re entering the Cosplay Competition is to be prepared for the ‘larger than life’ emcee of the event. This guy is an aspiring comedian, entertainer and celebrity. He WILL disrupt your cosplay skit in one way or another by making jokes before / after & even in the midst of your cosplay skit so remember to stay focus & not be distracted by him. This hindrence is synonimus with ANICOM. So if u can’t handle it then don’t TRY to win the RM1,000 bucks!

All in all, I’ve seen some of the best (non-international competition) cosplay skits here at ANICOM but the lack of ‘upgrades’ to a better venue has left ANICOM less than desireable unless u’re entering the cosplay competition & aiming to win the 1st prize. In my opinoin, I think its a shame that such a good event with consistant lucrative prizes is held in such a poor & ‘un-loving’ venue. All the best to the participants! Gambateh!!


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