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Jrock の Tamashii 2 Bands Profile

Jrock の Tamashii is an annual concert held in Kuala Lumpur, which started as JRock Kingdom and re-branded as Jrock no Tamashii back in 2009. This concert is a dedication to all Japanese Rock lovers and musicians alike, where we bring to you a full-fledged concert; jam-packed with Japanese Rock music from one of the most experienced bands in Malaysia. Want to know more about the bands that will be performing? Here is the complete profile of each bands and the line up for this Sunday performance that will rock the roof off Bentley Music Auditorium! :


Mystical Mirage is a 6 piece Rock band in Malaysia and in vein of Linkin Park, Muse and The Gazette. The band was formed in the year 2006 in Kuala Lumpur by KeN, Jimmy and Jonathan. The band has join many events and gigs ever since then. Currently, Mystical Mirage is composing their own originals to hit the English and Chinese market.

Mystical Mirage consists of:

KeN – Vocalist

Joe – Guitarist

Jye – Bassist

Xavi – Drummer

AniOn Project was formed with the main purpose to express our passion and love for Japanese pop/rock music and to perform cover songs in Comic Fiesta 2011 during the end of December. The members organised themselves into a band in March and performed for the 1st time on stage during C2AGE 2011.

AniOn Project consists of:

Amy (Vocalist)

Aaron -Reiya- (Lead Guitarist)

Kenry (Rhythm Guitarist)

Authur (Bassist)

Rayne (Drummer)

Sky is indie rock band formed in 2007. This band takes influenced from bands like L’Arc~En~Ciel, Malice Mizer, Luna Sea, Gazette, Merry while inspired with Visual Kei appearance. Known for their song “Tak Kusesali”, “Menginginkanmu” and “Sampai Sini Saja”, Sky prefers performing songs in Bahasa Melayu depending on suitablity and the demands of local music scene.

Sky consists of:

Rizal (Vocal/Guitar)

Kechiq (Bass)

Shiz (Drums)


Flicked Mind, founded by Yuki in June 2007 was named after her wrong pronunciation of the word “flicker” and also of her frequent changes of working styles and ideas. Flicked Mind started out as a band that focuses on playing Japanese cover songs. Flicked Mind decided to be a tribute band to Tokyo Jihen when members who appreciate the non-conventions and individuality. Currently, Flicked Mind is happily composing original songs as well as playing and dancing at various events.

Flicked Mind consists of:

Vocalist: Yuki

Guitarist: Fizi

Keyboardist: Selphie

Bassist: Choy

Drummer: Omar


Strawhats Crew is a new project band created for the JRock Tamashi event,consists of few local music enthusiast who share the same common interest towards Japanese oriented music.This time the band concept will be a Final Fantasy Tribute band. All the musicians are hired by the band leader (Farouque) and all orchestration arrangements are done by his production and the band is together only for this event.

Strawhats Crew consists of:

Raja Farouk – Guitars

Grace Cho – Keyboards

Loh Ui Li – Keyboards

MariamLisa – Cello

Mark Lim – Bass

Silas Low – Drums


Drako’zen  (龍禅 is a Malaysian Chinese Indie band formed in year 2008. Drako (drakos in Greek) refers to the fearsome ancient dragon, and “Zen” (in Japanese) symbolizes the merciness of Buddha. The band conceptualizes this two contradicting element in their music genre, a combination of life and death, evil and justice. Drako’zen’s music genre falls within heavy rock and metal, along with Jrock style music and some sentimental pieces. Most of their song lyrics are written in Japanese, for the band members are majorly Japanese rock music influenced. The band has participated in big stage events such as “Jrock Kingdom 2008” in Rumms and “Jrock No Tamashi 2010” in Sunway Pyramid.

Drako’zen consists of:

Reiki – vocal

Kim – guitar

Ving – guitar

Meo – bass

Ivan – drums


Strawberry Jam mainly plays heavy metal. If it is not metal, it is not cool. Strawberry Jam has so far played in numerous gigs and is continuing to spread the juice. “Strawberry” in English means the juicy, usually red, edible fruit of certain plants of the genus Fragaria. “Jam”, means press tightly together or cram in English. When you combine Strawberry Jam together, you get a combination of fruit and sugar cooked until the mixture has an intense flavor and thick consistency. They combined this names into one to show that our music is explodingly delicious.

Strawberry Jam consists of:

Ian: Guitar

Kok Keong: Guitar

Stif: Vocal

Steven: Bass

Edmund: Drums


“desu!” is a pop punk nerd band with music and style based on akiba-kei culture (otaku culture). They proclaimed their genre as AKIBA PUNK. Started off in the scene playing anime theme songs at ACG conventions. Influenced by Beat Crusaders, Polysics, Mosaic.wav and Momoi Haruko, the band mostly consists of childhood friends. They also make their own songs, as they debuted their first single – “GACHA-LOVE!” early 2011. Their goal is to perform in the streets of Akihabara, Japan and spread the power of MOE all across the universe and stuf.

“desu!” consists of:

Oja Moja: vocals

Minto Lee: lead guitar

Don Owwma: rhythm guitar

Ezul: drums

Aiman: keyboard / effects


TEMJIN was formed in November 2009, from the idea of Adzim, bassist and Daus, drummer. In the year 2006, they founded Adam, the lead guitarist in the same college as Adzim and formed Grave~en~Crie. Not long after that, Syukri joined the band as the rhythm guitar. They then added a girl vocalist, changed their name to Gemini and performed the first JRock Tamashii. In mid 2009, Syukri decided to be the vocalist for the band, and Adam suggested the name TEMJIN. The band is influenced by various kinds of rock musics, from metal to blues and jazz. Japanese music – both pop and rock has also been a major influence to the band in terms of song writing and playing. The band dreams to bring a whole new kind of music feel to its audience across the whole country.

Temjin consists of:

Syukri – Vocals

Adam – Guitar

Azrie – Guitar

Adzim – Bass

Daus – Drums


One Inch Closer was formally formed at May 2009. They were started from of a bunch of musicians who have a great passion on music and wish to have a frequent jamming practice to brush up their ownskills. Few months later, the main vocalist came in and they started to manage the band seriously. They started to write their own songs and seek the chance for public performance. The main influence for the band was J-Rock during the first stage since they like to perform J-Rock cover songs. Later on, they were influenced by Britpop, Hard Rock, Pop Metal and etc. They were known as versatile because their passion on trying new music genres. They have a vision, which is to create their own music identity out of all music genres they have known. They hope to deliver their own music to all the people of the world.

One Inch Closer consists of:

Jace: Vocalist, Guitarist

Zau: Lead Guitarist

Cloud Fly: Bassist

Joshua: Drummer


Gensekii consists of four young men with great enthusiasm to the music. Established in 2009 and hails from Kuala Lumpur, Gensekii name taken from the Japanese word “GANSEKI” which means rock. The concept of music that brought the Japanese Rock, Japanese Pop, Korean Pop, Modern Jazz, Visual Kei, Modern Music and Universal. This band takes inspiration from bands like existing The Predator, X-Japan, Glay, L’Arc-en-Ciel, Asian Kungfu Generation, Neo Universe, Deen and others. Most of the songs that we deliver is the theme of life, love, and so the current situation.

Gensekii consists of:

Yum (Vocal)

Kyrie (Guitar)

Eba (Bass)


Rade is an English pop-rock band based in Malaysia. The band was originally formed in 2001 as a J-rock cover band by high school friends Jeremy, KK, and Han. Jun and CY joined in later in 2004 and this line-up has remained the same till this day. In the year 2008, the band decided to compose and perform their own songs as they were tired of just being a cover band. With songs written mainly about common day life and emotions, Rade is taking their music one step further with their J-rock influenced English composition which is a uniquely distinctive sound of its own.

Rade consists of:

Jun (Leader, Vocalist)

Jeremy (Guitarist)

KK (Guitarist)

Han (Bassist)

CY (Drummer)


Flying Pan Band is a merger of two different bands which members share the same passion, interest, and genre. As some of you may already know, the two bands are Zeolite and Lost Decibels. Both bands are very much influenced by Japanese rock and use to perform in events where they could bring and present Japanese cover songs to audiences. Those events are usually anime (Japanese animation), comic, games, and cosplay-related events. Having the time to hang out altogether along with several rounds of the game Left 4 Dead, that is how the band “Flying Pan” is formed.

Flying Pan Band consists of:

Selina (vocals)

Jay (guitar)

Justin (guitar)

Freya (bass)

Kimie (drums)

Jyorin (keyboard)


(Special Guest Appearance)

Mage Era is a 4-piece Chinese Emo rock band based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Initially named Mage, the band represents new breed of melancholy-rock genre in the Chinese music scene due to their originality in all aspect of their music, including the composition, arrangement and mixing style of their works. They insist on uniqueness even in the message and expression of their lyrics. Music varies from sad and quiet ballad piece “Immortal (Immortal~不死人的告白)” to upbeat, rock driven song “R.B.L!”, their works embedded a signature tone and style. Mage Era’s explosive power, radically distinctive vocal tone and their diverse musical style remain.

Mage Era consists of:

Vocal/Guitar: Moon

Guitar: Ichiro

Bass: Chit Wei

Drum: Kotzen


Jrock の Tamashii tickets on sale! RM30/ticket for now (door price RM40). The event will be on 16th October at Bentley Music Mutiara Damansara auditorium. Get 15% discount on ALL Bentley Music’s items just by presenting your tickets upon purchasing (valid until 17th October). For more info, visit: http://www.facebook.com/jrocktamashii


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