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Cafe TAKAHASHI Official Opening

Asyraf Noor Azizi

Pendapat saya tentang restoran Cafe Takahashi ialah upacara pembukaannya yang sangat meriah dengan sambutan pelanggan yang sangat hangat. Dengan kehadiran kami sebagai Cosplayer, telah berjaya menjadikan Cafe Takahashi sebagai satu tempat yang mendapat perhatian dan tumpuan ramai. Lokasi restoran ini dibuka merupakan tempat yang sangat strategik dipanggil Tokyo Street di Pavillion yang mampu memberi lebih banyak keuntungan kepada pemilik restoran.

Untuk makanannya pula, Cafe Takahashi berjaya mencapai standard makanan yang sepatutnya sebagai sebuah restoran yang bertemakan makanan Jepun. Suasana di dalam restoran sememangnya memberi kami perasaan seolah-olah berada di Jepun. Persekitaran yang sangat bersih menjadikan kami lebih rasa berselera untuk menjamu selera. Servis yang diberikan oleh kakitangan di Cafe Takahashi sangat memuaskan kerana mampu mencapai tahap yang sangat baik sebagai pekerja di restoran bertemakan makanan Jepun. Oleh itu, saya dengan ini ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kerana menjemput saya ke pembukaan Cafe Takahashi. Terutama sekali kepada Allen Yap yang telah menyenaraikan nama saya sebagai salah satu tetamu khas untuk pembukaan restoran Cafe Takahashi.


Iqbal Noor Azizi

Cafe Takahashi was the only cafe that makes me want to choose almost everything inside the menu. The way they serve, the speed of serving, and the food presentation makes me want to go there again and have more. Of course the size of the food cannot fill an empty stomach but the quality of the food really make people smile with satisfaction. From my point of view, the price is absolutely match with the place, the comfortable environment and the quality of the food itself.

I can’t describe from the start of the event because we were quiet late. I was busy with make up and wearing the costume and helping Orochimaru (u know who). Basically the food I ate over there is really nice and I can’t stop eating after having the main course. I’ll have a taste at the appetizer after that and I still remember the Teriyaki Chicken Pizza me and Ash ordered, because the taste was so damn good, both of us finish it and we go for another round. Which we order a different pizza: The Salmon Pizza. Because all the cosplayer want to taste every single meal in Takahashi we decide to eat one slice of the Salmon Pizza and share the rest with others. That day I found the all cosplayers in the good spirit of sharing while in a joyful celebration mood.

Japanese food presentation over there was very nice and very well done. Truthfully, I think it’s better than Zanmai Sushi, not just the food, but the design of the restaurant and the look suit the theme with ‘Tokyo Street’ at Pavillion.

Thanks to CosPlay-FUN for giving me a chance to join and have a very nice dinner in Café Takahashi.

Arigatou Gozaimas


Narukids Deadfish

On 8th of Aug, 2011, I was invited together with another 9 cosplayers, by Captain and Commander of CosPlay-Fun, Allen Yap and Ezli to cosplay and join the opening ceremony of Takahashi Cafe which located at 6th floor, Pavilion KL. I dressed up as Sakura Momoko from Chibi Maruko-chan, meet up and gathering starts at 7.30pm, together with light Break Fast session for some of Muslim cosplayers. While waiting for the official opening ceremony, we all was offered to order foods and drinks. All treat is in the house! So, without waiting, we all ordered brand new meal in the menu and have dinner together with the other guests in the cafe.

Chibi Maruko-chan cosplay theme. From left is Sakiko Sakura (Ay Ike Jay), Momoko Sakura (me), Hideyuki Togawa sensei (Zend) and Tamae-chan (Miyavi Honey)

First time when I look at the menu, I didn’t know which one to choose. It all looks tasty and delicious. I went through all the pages 2,3 times just to get the best choice. Finally I made up my mind and ordered Unagi Kabayaki as my main dish, my all-time-favourite Miso Soup as my appetizer, Iced Mocha drink for a coffee-addict like me, and final touch of 1 scoop Belgian Chocolate for desserts. While waiting for the orders to arrive, me and the other cosplayers have a try-taste with some light dishes that they already serve. There’s Fried Squid, Unagi Oshiko Pizza, Tomato Basli Pizza and Edamame. The food already taste delicious, and when we share together, it become tastier! Yum yum! And finally, my orders arrived. The foods looks like they serve in a small portion, but believe me, it is enough to make our stomach full in the end.

Here are some pictures of the meal that we tried :

Tomato Basil Pizza

Fried Squid

The official ceremony started at 8.30pm. All cosplayers has been called to gather in front of the cafe for the ribbon cut ceremony, followed by photo session with the owner of Cafe Takahashi and guest.

The gathering ended at 10pm. Before we leave, we changed our costume into normal wear and meet the owner to say thank you and compliments for the very delicious food they have.

Here I would like to say millions of thank you to Allen Yap and Ezli from CosPlay-Fun for the great invitation, the owner of Cafe Takahashi for the best meals served, to photographers who have gladly help us for some mini photoshoots, to cosplayers for the best hangout together moment and the guests which are so sporting to take picture together with us.


5 responses

  1. Arigatougozaimasu Cosplay-Fun!
    we have lots of fun at Takahashi Cafe~~
    really wish we could go there again!!
    I personally speaks that Cafe Takahashi manage to pull off their grand opening very well~

    23/10/2011 at 1:55 pm

  2. Andrea

    Wow! I have one thing to ask though do the waiters/waitresses feel akward if cosplayers come around and hang out there using their costumes? because I really wanna go there the next time I go for a holiday at KL.

    24/03/2012 at 12:15 pm

    • Yes they are fine. The owners actually like cosplay very much & invited us just for their restaurant opening 🙂 Hope u have fun when you’re here!! 😀

      25/03/2012 at 4:58 pm

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