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HobbyCon Sabah 2011 – Day 2

My friend, fellow teacher, cosplayer & hardcore WARHAMMER FAN… Joanna Lye was kind enough to share with us the sights of Sabah’s biggest ACG event – HOBBY CON (www.hobbycon.my). Taken from her blog J.NA – Check out fun at Hobby Con 2011… [The Captain]


So I cosplayed as le pryomancer Lina Inverse, Slayer from Dota.

Daniel pointing le X-men gang.
Judging Cosplay competition is serious business

 Grateful and honored to be one of the HobbyCon2011’s group cosplay competition’s judge.

2nd Runner-up. Anime group cosplay.
1st-Runner up. Military group – Tactical Troll.
Winner – Military group – BMC (Borneo Military Comapny
Mix military groups. Soap has so much hotness, I’m not even kidding.
HobbyCon 2011 conclude with a group photo.
Thank you HobbyCon, they even prepared an appreciation certificate.
Ice: Rylai Crestfal & Fire: Lina Inverse

See you again at HobbyCon 2012.


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