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AFA Malaysia 2012 Press Conference

Thursday, 26th April 2012 marked the press conference of the inaugural Anime Festival Asia spin-off – ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA MALAYSIA OR AFA Malaysia or just simply AFAMY.  The organizers, partners & sponsors of this EPICally anticipated Malaysian event unveiled themselves to the Malaysian press & also share some of the highlights of this inaugural event… which we hope will be the first of many more AFAMY festivals right here on our local soil 🙂

Mochiro Sdn Bhd is the organizer for this Malaysian chapter. They are working in partnership with SOZO & Dentsu, with sponsorship from Bushiroad & Good Smile Company. The official hotel for is The Federal Kuala Lumpur & Hotel Capital Kuala Lumpur.

Anyways let’s  cut to the chase as I’m sure most of your would really like to know who is lined up on the Special Guest list as well as the ANISONG Concert… which is called Super ANISONG Genki for the Malaysian chapter.


Mind you, these are only the confirm guest at the moment. There will be a few more as mentioned by Mr. Shawn Chin of SOZO.

Apart from these highlights, there is also the iconic maid & butler cafes which those of us who have gone to AFA in Singapore, know all about. Also present today were 3 maids from the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe & 2 butlers from the Atelier Royale Butler Cafe. Check out the new meidos at their FB page Moe Moe Kyun. Check out the butlers here at their FB page Atelier Royale.

Also present today… flowing directly from Japan is the much ooged-after Celebrity Cosplayer KANAME. He has been a staple VIP Guest at the AFA since in 2009. That was actually my first experience to ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA event. Everyone knows him as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children… so do I and to me he is also Garlock Simon from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (adult version). The is very down to earth & is a person who is always very humble. He personally shared that even now, he still gets a nervous & anxious when he takes to the stage. What a swell guy. I can see some glimpses that chivalry still exist today.

Next up was a something NEW to the AFA brand… our childhood day hero… or maybe the grandson of our childhood hero… errr. Anyways… the next super celebrity from Japan also present to meet us was…. *music starts to play*… ULTRAMAN MEBIUS. Yes… its Mebius. For the first time in AFA, the Ultraman Live show will be staged… & it debuts here in AFAMY… on our own soil.

I am SO looking forward to AFAMY & I hope many of you are too. Tickets are priced at RM15 per day for Festival ONLYRM30 for Festival + Stage access.

HERE is a little hint for all you readers who scrolled till the end of this long post 😀 I wanna reward people who actually read our reports 😛 OK, so here is something for all you COSPLAYERS & Cosplay Fans to think about. AFA 2009 had KANAME. AFA 2010 had KANAME, Alodia & Aira. AFA 2011 had KANAME & Usagi. Therefore I would speculate – AFAMY 2012 has KANAME & …. probably someone else? So it really boils down to KANAME +1 or KANAME +2. Hehehe something for you all to think about 😀

It’s the Captain signing off till the next event 🙂 Majulah Cosplay Untuk Negara!!



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