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Summer 2012

This is SUMMER 2012. In the movies it kicks off with BLOCKBUSTER titles… like AVENGERS. In the local ACG events… it the mid-year madness kick off 18th May, when C2AGE did their opening ceremony on that Friday evening. Well its now the last week of June & it also is the 1 more weekend of ‘mid year madness’ with a string of happening events. Here’s a recap of what they were:

19 & 20 May  2012
C2AGE by HELP Uni College @Tropicana City Mall.
Malaysian Games & Comic Convention (MGCC)

Highlight – C2AGE, the event I call the fans event… AT a public mall!! It’s always great! MGCC is the first legit attempt for a Comic-Con event, right here in Malaysia = MUST check it out.

27 & 28 May 2012
Video Games Live in Malaysia, Istana Budaya
Himpunan Jutaan Belia @Putrajaya

Highlight – VGL: – It’s Tommy Tallarico, its Laura Intravia singing Snaker Eater… it’s Mr. Metal Gear Solid  composer – Norihiko Hibino all in ONE concert. Belia at Putrajaya: Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan) & Momoiro Clover Z FREE concert? Are u kidding me?? Or more like are u kidding otakus? It’s a SURE GO!! … though u got to have car, bear with the heat & mind the crowd too.

3 June 2012
Cosplay Tale Finals @Pavilion KL

Highlight: It’s a new style of cosplay competition. But like all new things comes  criticism, comes peoples dislike for change and the best part – encourages a new generation of cosplayers to compete. For me, I’m game for new things. Most people do not realize that if there were NO ACG events = there would be no event to cosplay at. And to be fair to event organizers – if the event is catered with consideration = cosplayers wouldn’t come either.

The conclusion could be summarized as Cosplayers NEED ACG events & ACG events NEED cosplayers. So could we all show a bit more grace to one another? ❤

9 & 10 June 2012
Anime Festival Asia: Malaysia @PWTC
Super GT @Sepang

Highlight: AFAMY – its the first AFA outside of Singapore. It’s the first Super ANI-SONG in Malaysia. It’s the first appearance of KANAME in Malaysia. It’s the first appearance of SPCats Tasha & Miyuko in Malaysia. It’s over 41,000 attendees thru 2 days. SUPER GT – it’s fast cars, it’s the race track, it’s the speed way in Sepang, it’s the RACING Queens!! Hot weather + Hot chicks = WIN 😀

23 & 24 June 2012
Yes Techgaming League: RMS Vocaloid Singing Competition & RMS Cosplay Competition @Sungei Wang Plaza.

Highlight: Vocaloid singing competition – wow, can anyone recall when was the last ACG event singing competition? This event filled the initial quota of 20 contestants within the first 36 hours or it’s announcement on FB. It’s very exciting to see young new talent taking to stage & showcasing their talent beyond just cosplay. I hope for more of these events in the future 🙂 Cos Com saw some new faces taking part with a surprise contestant all the way from Dubai – Sora Yahya. He was on the way to Malaysia for a holiday when he found out about this competition. In the rush he brought his Terra (Kingdom Hearts) costume + prop & took part in this competition. That’s very cool 🙂 And here is a shout-out to Sora & his friends from the DUBAI ANIME CLUB .

30th June & 1st July at Penang, Straits Quay
Asia Cosplay Meet: Malaysia selection
World Cosplay Summit: Malaysia Selection

And taking place this weekend in Penang are these 2 competitions that are in need of Malaysia representatives. Will tell you more about it when I go check it out. If you didn’t know what is World Cosplay Summit, u can read about it here – the WIKI Link 🙂


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