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Reflections of 2012 Part 1 of 3

And COMIC FIESTA 2012 marks the end of the years events. It was a great year for the ACG community in Malaysia. I’m sure everyone had a great year & for those who thought the world would have ended by now… I guess it didn’t 🙂

2012 was another year full of ground breaking events & here is part 1 of 3 of our years highlights!!

Among them were:
1) January 2012 – The 1st Ever Cosplay Contingent to appear in a national-day-scale parade… which was the Hari Wilayah 2012. 52 young cosplayers braved the outdoor weather & did what has NEVER been done before on Malaysian soil which was to cosplay & march down the nations capital of Dataran Merdeka + wave to our Prime Minister & other Cabinet Ministers 🙂


The 1st ever Cosplay Contingent for Hari Wilayah 2012!! Pic by aaronkee.com

Here’s a look if you were in the crowd 🙂 Video by whe96668
Here’s a look if you in the parade 🙂 Video by Leena Al-Zawawi!!

2) March 2012 – The 1st Ever Animax Carnivale @ 1 Utama. Animax has had events here in Malaysia before but never this BIG & never like this. Thanks to Animax, our ACG community managed to catch the glimpse of the cosplay Goddess Alodia!!

Here is a video of the long queue to get into Animax Carnivale –FB Video

Here’s a few photos I managed to take while working – FB Album

Here’s a clip by H.T. Production 😀

3) March 2012 – In March we also had the Return trip to Melaka for an ACG Event. Formerly it was GACC… but the same people involve now brought us R.AGE at Pay Teck School Hall. On the other hand, March also marked the first ever emergence of a possible-scam event named Anime Fiesta KL aka AFKL. This is also a very important sign of the times…

4) April 2012 – Penang got a big SONY Playstation event with a cosplay competition among all the video game competitions… most significantly Street Fighter IV x Tekken. We hope it’s the first of many SONY events 🙂

Here’s what it looked like at 1st Avenue Mall on Sat afternoon – Cosplay-Fun FB Video

The 2012 summer blockbuster movie fest kicked off with:


END Part 1 of 3


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