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Reflections of 2012 Part 2 of 3

CONTINUED FROM PART 1 – Reflections of 2012 Part 1 of 3

5) May 2012 – Marvel & other comic fans (western comics) had new found hope for their dreams of a comic-con (ala SDCC) with the debut of the Malaysian Games & Comics Convention (MGCCon) which took place at KDU College. Their guest included Cosplay Goddess Alodia, Marvel artist Billy Tan + Carlo Pagulayan + Leinil Yu & Cosplay Photog Jay Tabalante. C2AGE @Tropicana City Mall was also happening at the same time & ironically they were both located side by side each other, seperated by the LDP highway. In the spirit of ACG community, both events benefited from each other by having a non-stop shuttle bus to & fro the 2 events. I really love our ACG community 🙂
MGCCon small FB album.
C2AGE small FB album.

Cosplay Goddess – Alodia was at MGCC as Agent Romanov

6) May 2012 – Video Games Live returns after 2 years to put on a new show with some new song performances at Istana Budaya. This year the team came with their new conductor Emmanuel Fratianni who just finished work on the summer blockbuster The Amazing Spiderman.
Pics by our Cosplay-FUN Photog – Val Ho.

Creator Tommy Tallarico, Laura ‘Flute Link’ Intravia, Norihiko ‘Snake Eater’ Hibino & Emmanuel Fratianni

7) June 2012 – The FIRST Anime Festival Asia in MALAYSIA (AFAMY)!! Which means KANAME, FLOW, Kalafina, Kotoko, Aimi, SEA*A, Maon Kurosaki, SPCATS Tasha & Miyuko, Danny Choo, Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe & Atelier Royale Bulter Cafe ALL under one event… IN our nations capital of Kuala Lumpur. 41,000 people over 2 days, is the score for the first AFAMY. Enuff said!

8) June 2012 – Online games company Rimasuri (RMS) revive an old segment with a new twist – The RMS Vocaloid Singing Competition @Sungei Wang Plaza!! It was a hit. Within 36 hours of the event announcement, there were already 16 complete entries submitted. Those of you who took part & those who attended, you all will remember the event well 🙂 It was good fun.


9) July 2012 – It’s time to find our 2nd Malaysian representative to the World Cosplay Summit Finals. But this year it’s no longer in Johor Bahru… but in the opposite direction on the map… all the way north in the beautiful Straits Quay, PENANG organized by Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan.

WCS Malaysia 2012 – Winners Gim & Aaron cosplaying from Metal Gear Rising. 


10) July 2012 – The samurai guitarist Miyavi came down to KL in such short notice. He really rocked the city with a mini-concert in Avenue K & appearances in Pavilion’s Tokyo Street. This mid year dose of JROCK would only be the first of greater things to follow later on!! Click here for the event page.

The Dark Knight RISES!!

11) August 2012 – Animangaki returned in the new promised venue of Sunway Convention Centre. There is much nostalgia there between Sunway Convention Centre + ACG events because some of the BEST CF Experiences were there!


12) August 2012 – Our friends from Singapore made some ground breaking stuff too & most notable was the inagural International Cosplay Day Singapore, which took place on 26th August!! Their VIP guest list were Yaya Han, Jerry Polence & Jay Tabalante. This milestone event was put together by our friends from the Neo Tokyo Project in Lion City Singapore!! Holler!! Click here to read the Asiaone.com Article.

END Part 2 of 3


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