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Mika Nakashima’s new single in May 2013

The talented Mika Nakashima will release her new single Aikotoba(愛詞) on May 22nd 2013. This song is written by Japanese legendary female artist Miyuki Nakajima (中島美雪).

Who is Miyuki Nakajima? (Wikipedia in English & Chinese)



If you didn’t know who Mika Nakashima is after I mentioned the next 2 facts, most of your would have already seen her before. She played the title role of Nana Osaki in the live-action movie Nana which is based on the shojo manga written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa, serialized in Cookie published by Shueisha.


If that had already WOWed you then the next fact will be MORE WOW. Mika has  appeared in not 1 but 2 the Hollywood movies: Resident Evil: Afterlife & Resident Evil: Retribution. She plays the mysterious “Pop Girl” that  captured our attention is the opening scene of Resident Evil: Afterlife. Then she reappears as the hybrid mutation. I don’t know about you but I enjoyed it when she reprised her role as “Pop Girl” in Resident Evil:Retribution. If you missed it then check out the pics below to see if it jogs your memory 🙂

Let me enjoy the rain before I attack a ‘salary man’ & rip out his throat!

Mutant Hybrid Attack!

The JAPAN simulation from Resident Evil: Retribution.

Her new single, Aikotoba(愛詞), will be the ending theme of the new animation series “Spaceship Battle Yamato 2199” starting from April 2013 when the series continues. (http://yamato2199.net/)

A few facts & stats on Mika Nakashima:

«     She has 7 albums, 2 EPs & 2 compilation albums to her name.

«     She has released 34 CD singles to date.

«     Nana movie song “Glamorous Sky,” was written by the manga’s author, Ai Yazawa, and composed by L’Arc-en-Ciel vocalist Hyde.

«     Her single “Cry No More” was the ending theme of the anime Blood+.

«     “Hitoiro” (One Color) was the theme song to Nana 2 movie was which also written by Yazawa, while the music is composed by Glay’s leader, Takuro, who was also the author of the coupling song, “Eyes for the Moon”.

The following is a short message from the 2 ladies with same initials & surname:

<Message from Miyuki Nakajima (中島美雪)>

When I wrote the address and name on the finished musical score, I realized that the both surname “Nakajima(中島)” using the same Chinese character, so changed to initial, but it was also same “MN”, the full name of Chinese character was all same except one letter, and furthermore we are same same zodiac Pisces!

What a wonderful coincidence, I’m very happy to work with her!

 We have to be careful to distinguish who is who like “Southern Nakashima” and “Northern Nakajima”when we work together, or the staff might get confused as we have the same surname!

<Message from Mika Nakashima(中島美嘉)>

Honestly, I thought she never accept my offer.

 But if there are any slight possibility, she is the one who really wish to work with.

 She wrote such a wonderful song in such a high speed for me…what a nifty and cool person!

 Perhaps I am the one who is the best person who has been healed by this song, I guess.

Source: Sony Music Malaysia. Written by The Captain.

Aikotoba (愛詞) CD Single Cover – Normal Edition

Aikotoba (愛詞) CD Single Cover – Limited Edition

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