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WCS Malaysia 2013 Winner

This is the 3rd year that Malaysia has been part of the World Cosplay Summit competition & it still has not been a smooth ride yet. This is the 2nd time it has been held in Penang, organized by the established entity Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan. Their commitment to the competition & the Malaysian cosplayers is truly an act of valor that few would understand or appreciate. All in all, it proved to be better than last years & I truly believe that the BEST years for Malaysia are yet to come as more rise up to the challenge.

On 13 July, the representative for Malaysia aka Team WCS Malaysia 2013 was crowned at the beautiful Straits Quay in Penang (the venue sponsor). Tan Yee Gim & Kaien Yuu aka Team Dynasty Warriors 8 fought their way into an exciting final battle, literally, as the infamous Dynasty Warriors game series is just battle after battle with 8 renditions excluding the ‘Extreme Legends’ titles.

Gim was cosplaying the SHU hero – Zhao Yun who wields a spear and Kaien was cosplaying Wang Yi from the WEI who wields a Trishula, according to the Koei.Wikia.com but if you ask me it sure looks like a pair of SAIs on steroids 😀 haha

Follow their progress & cheer them on as they have already touched down in Japan – via the Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan (MCT) Facebook page.  For updates on the World Cosplay Summit event follow their facebook page.  The live stream of the WCS Finals in Nagoya, Japan will be on 3 August on the Nico Nico Douga site.


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