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Animax Carnival 2013

The ANIMAX Carnival in 2012 was the first of it’s kind for Malaysia & also the region, I think. There’s cosplay, fun, games & 100% original anime goodies to be won & also given out. The atmosphere was really like a BIG birthday party for anime fans with more than 8,000 visitors over 2 days. 

The Stage is set on the night before.

The stage area is packed during the cosplay competition

And to top it all of Animax flew in their Animate Alodia for the Malaysian fans which made it the perfect cherry on the sundae 🙂 Many got to a chance to see & take pics with Alodia who is dubbed the Asian ‘Cosplay Goddess’ for her stunning beauty, cosplay & her heart warming personality. Alodia is such a sweet-heart 🙂 The response was so over whelming & we all hope that it would be a staple event in Malaysia. 

Alodia as Haruhi Suzumiya at the Animax Carnival 2012 press conference. Pic by Hibiki (H.T. Production) with Anime Shrine 😀

Alodia as Yui from K-ON! On carnival Day 1

So in February 2013 they announced that Animax Carnivale 2013 will take place in March & we all felt it was a good sign. The anticipation had begun because we kind of knew that Animax would bring in yet another celebrity of the genre for the fans… for this Carnival. 

The top view of the sight which was Animax Carnivale 2013

Oh so who was the guest celebrity for the Animax Carnival 2013? It was May’n! This event mark May’ns return to Malaysia.

She was last here in 2010 for her BIG WAVE Concert. For those who don’t know how big of a star May’n is go check out her website. I actually met a group of fans who are from Japan & Singapore who came all the way to watch May’n & cheer her on. they came with their tour tee shirts, tour towels & other merchandise. These guys are truly hardcore fans. 

This years carnival was also special as Animax took a big risk by having the first ‘title specific’ cosplay competition. The contestants could only cosplay  characters from the Fairy Tail series, which is by no means a restriction but it rather turned Day 2 into one big Fairy Tail party with tribute elements & also …FAN SERVICE. 

The Fairy Tail Cosplay Competition contestants

They’re all winners for taking part in this first ‘title specific’ cosplay competition. So the 3 who took home the top prizes are Fishii Loh (1st), Tenny Yukari (2nd) & Kazuki Vinca (3rd).

I’m confident & also hopeful that the ACG community in Malaysia will continue to support the Animax Carnival as it has become the highlight event in the first quarter of the year! Thank you Animax Asia, you’ve made another BIG impact on our 1st quarter of the year. 

Here are some pics from The Captains Cam – Animax Carnival 2013 Album

Here is more videos on May’n stage performance:

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