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Team WCS Malaysia 2013 Meet & Greet

Get the chance to meet Gim & Kaien, Malaysia’s representative to the World Cosplay Summit 2013:-

Date: Saturday, 28 September 2013
Time: 5:00pm
Venue: Concourse Level, Sungei Wang Plaza (Kuala Lumpur).

Facebook Event page click here.

CPF Cosplay Competition 2013 – Prelims (22 Sept 2013) – Pic by FORAT SHOT


Get your cameras ready as you will get the chance to take pictures with them as they will be cosplaying their winning costumes from the historic ‘Romance of 3 Kingdoms’ era in China. Gim will be cosplaying Wen Yang & Kaien will be cosplaying Wang Li from the Dynasty Warriors 8 video game. Their costumes are entirely self made from scratch & will surely be ready to shine in the spotlight.

Besides their appearance they will also be performing their cosplay skit which won them this title & followed by a short interview with them & Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan – Director Igloomy Mink.

Gim, Kaien & Igloomy mink are the Special Guest Judges for the CPF Cosplay Competition 2013 FINALS which will take place on Sunday, 29 Sept 2013 at HK Station, Sungei Wang Plaza – 1pm



CHINESE Version 🙂

2013世界COSPLAY大赛 (WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT 2013) 的马来西亚代表Gim & Kaien 将在9月28日星期六,下午5点钟,金河广场中央大厅,呈现他们荣获大奖的代表之作!
出自电玩游戏真三国无双8,Gim & Kaien 将把其二角色文鸯和王异带上舞台,一决高低!

除此之外,Gim & Kaien也会与《马来西亚COSPLAY图书馆》(MALAYSIA COSPLAY TOSHOKAN) 总裁Igloomy Mink的采访之中,与观众分享在2013世界COSPLAY大赛的种种心得。
Gim, Kaien & Igloomy Mink 也是近期2013 CPF Cosplay 大赛 的评审团,决赛为9月29日星期日,下午1点钟,在金河广场的六楼后座举行。



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