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Kiyoe voices new Pokemon Movie

Kiyoe Yoshioka from Ikimonogakari does the voice for Iibui in the new Pokémon movie!

Ikimonogakari sings “smile”, the theme song for POCKET MONSTERS – Best Wishes! THE MOVIE, based off the popular anime series. In this movie, subtitled Shinsoku No Genosekuto MyuUtsuu Kakusei, Kiyoe Yoshioka will be the voice of Iibui, a very popular Pokémon. Iibui has a curious, lively spirit, and Kiyoe Yoshioka seems to fit that role nicely!

On the day of recording, Kiyoe was nervous but soon found her bearings and fit right in. Iibui has a serious facial expression and a powerful cry that are difficult to produce without putting all emotion and body into it. However, even the staff members of the movie were impressed with Kiyoe’s talent! She comments, ““Smile” is a song that not only children, but also mothers and fathers and can enjoy. Acting out Iibui’s expressive cry was difficult, but I gave it my best shot, and I hope we can all enjoy the movie together!”

Since Kiyoe Yoshioka is doing the voice of Iibui, the first limited edition release of the “Smile” single with come with a special Pokémon ‘tretta’ of the character. And you must get your hands on the new ‘tretta’ designs coming out this July! We are expecting a huge reaction from fans!

On July 24th, Ikimonogakari’s 6th album will go on sale. This being their first ever summer release, we are very excited to hear what it sounds like! A national tour supporting the new album begins in September!

Movie title:

POCKET MONSTERS – Best Wishes! THE MOVIE: ‘Shinsoku No Genosekuto MyuUtsuu Kakusei’

Theme song:

Ikimonogakari – “Smile” (‘Egao’ in Japanese); lyrics & music by Yoshiki Mizuno, arranged by Seiji Kameda

CD info:

26th single, “Smile”, on sale July 10th. The first release includes one Iibui original Pokémon ‘tretta’.

Song distribution began on April 20th.

Other info:

Ikimonogakari’s 6th album to be released on July 24th. A national tour begins in September.

Ikimonogakari Official Site www.ikimonogakari.com/

POCKET MONSTERS MOVIE Official Site www.pokemon-movie.jp/

Pokémon tretta Official Site www.pokemontretta.com/

News courtesy of Sony Music Malaysia.


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