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SCANDAL have broken another record

The special 5th Anniversary Concert at Shibuya Marui City.

On October 8, four-piece female rock band SCANDAL played a 5th anniversary party in front of 555 fans selected from a lottery of names of people who bought the album, STANDARD.

Lead Singer babe – Haruna

It will soon be 5 years since SCANDAL ‘s debut single “DOLL” enjoyed heavy rotation on FM/AM/CS radio on October 22nd of 2008. They have recently released their 5th album, STANDARD, after realizing their dream of headlining at Osaka Castle Hall, in their hometown last March. The album is an important release for the band because they are singing from a new perspective, hoping to influence others to reach for their dreams, saying “We want to make an album for the benefit of someone else”.

Going along with this special album, the band played a 5th anniversary show in front of 555 fans, celebrating both their career and the release of STANDARD. The 555 fans invited to this event were selected from a lottery of names of people who bought the album, at Shibuya Marui City on October 5.

Surprise presentation

The anniversary event started at 6:40PM.
The event began with the performance of 5 career-spanning songs. The first song was “OVER DRIVE”, Yasutaka Nakata‘s (CAPSULE) first ever band production that became a big hit. Next was “Kagenno Tsuki” (15th single released on 8/14), “Awanai tsumorino, genkidene” (16th single released on 5/22) and other songs that reached top 10 on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

After vocalist HARUNA said, “This year we have been looking back a lot on our formation, starting a band at dance and vocal school, and feeling proud of making a genuine all girl rock band. Our lives have really changed. I sang about our formation in “August”. I want everyone to listen while thinking of somebody special”, the show finished powerfully with the songs “August” and then “SCANDAL BABY” from their first album, BEST★SCANDAL.

After a short time, the members came back on stage. About the album, drummer RINA said, “We have been a band for 1/3 of our lives. We made this album thinking that we don’t want to give up or forget about our dreams”.

Last year in September, SCANDAL made girl rock band history when their 4th album, Queens are trumps…, was also their 4th album to reach TOP 5. With their fifth album, STANDARD, they are making history and entering the TOP 5 again! At the show, a “Kusudama” (a decorative paper ball used for festive occasions) was brought out on stage to celebrate their 5th TOP 5 album in a row!

Call anyone tell what it says?

Drummer RINA spoke of the achievement saying, “We want to keep rocking, and we want to share Japan with the world, so we are playing overseas, too. I want to be the coolest girl rock band in Japan!”.

After this, SCANDAL were surprised with video messages from label mate T.M.Revolution, long time collaborator and supporter Lily Franky, and the music video director for their 3rd and 4th singles Hiroshi Shinagawa. SCANDAL members were very happy to see the congratulatory messages!

The event ended with SCANDAL taking a picture with all 555 fans in the background.

The 555 lucky lottery SCANDAL fans

SCANDAL spoke a lot about their desire to keep playing together, giving the impression that they will keep rocking for many years to come!

SCANDAL Official Site:


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