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Kamen Rider OOO Media Launch

Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 – It was a lovely sunny afternoon and my daughter was snoozing all the way to my mom-in-laws place. Traffic was good so I managed to get to the venue with time to spare to catch up with some familiar faces in the industry 🙂

Venue: Decanter Restaurant at Bukit Damansara (or Setia Bakti) – http://www.decanter.com.my/

When I first received news of this launch I was excite because:
a) The Kamen Rider franchise is still going strong in Malaysia. 2014 actually marks its 40th Anniversary!
b) Holding a press conference for the Malaysian market just equals = they have a lot of things line up for all the faithful fans… from children to adults!!

Pronounced “Oh’s” as if are many of the alphabet ‘O’ or a plural for the letter ‘O’. Representatives from Bandai Namco Group (Japan & Hong Kong), Toei Co Ltd (Japan) & Litt Tak HQ Singapore were present for this toy launch. And after the press conference was over all that was announced certainly did not dissappoint. All the hint I can mention here is that Litt Tak Sdn. Bhd. have already spent an estimate RM500,000 for this new Kamen Rider OOO’s advertising, promotion & events.

Mr. Nagamatsu (Toei), Mr. Tan (Litt Tak), Mr Kojima (Bandai Namco Japan), Mr.Keichin (Bandai Namco Hong Kong).

All you tokusatsu fans would have pika-pika eyes when I mention the word ‘events’! *hint*hint* mid last year at Sungei Wang Plaza! Oh yea! More will be revealed… so right now this is the official press release.

Meet & Greeting starts in March 2014

Last year at Sungei Wang Plaza! Kamen Rider Decade & Double!

More pics in our Facebook album – Kamen Rider OOO Toy Launch.

-The Captain –


Litt Tak and Bandai Introduce Most Successful Kamen Rider Toy Range in History of Franchise to Malaysia

Kamen Rider OOO set to make an impact among Kamen Rider fans in the country


Kuala Lumpur, 27 February 2014 – Be prepared to give a superhero’s welcome to Japan’s foremost action character, Kamen Rider, set to hit the Malaysian airwaves and stores very soon! For the first time ever in Southeast Asia, Litt Tak Sdn Bhd (Litt Tak) in collaboration with the Bandai Namco Group (Bandai) will be introducing the most successful Kamen Rider character in the history of the franchise – Kamen Rider OOO, through its latest television series and action toy range catered especially for the Malaysian market.

Established in 1985, Litt Tak is the leading toy distributor for Japanese action toys targeted at boys. Together with Bandai, Litt Tak has distributed other popular action toys including Power Rangers, Ultraman, Ben 10 and Tamagotchi through various departmental and toy stores such as Toys “R” Us, Metrojaya and Isetan. Now, Litt Tak is expanding its comprehensive toy range to include Kamen Rider OOO, the most successful toy range for Bandai in Japan.

Kamen Rider is a weekly science fiction story created by Japanese Manga artist, Shotaro Ishinomori, featuring a motorcycle-riding superhero who fights super-villains for a more peaceful world. The initial television series, which began in 1971, has since evolved to include many other television and theatrical series, resulting in an ever-growing franchise. In Japan, the Kamen Rider OOO series has enjoyed one of the highest television ratings in history, attracting over 25% of viewers comprising of children between the ages of four and six.

Purposefully designed with a new concept, Kamen Rider OOO features a new Kamen Rider who collects special coin-like O-Medals that allow the titular hero to change into various forms to cope with different battle situations. This encourages kids to also want to collect O-Medals and role play like their hero on TV. 

“We are extremely excited about the prospect of Kamen Rider OOO making its way to Malaysian shores for the first time, and we are ensuring that Kamen Rider OOO makes a great impact in this market,” stated Tan Ee Chian, Executive Director of Litt Tak.

Based on the company’s most comprehensive marketing plan yet, Litt Tak is introducing the superhero to the Malaysian public in a big way.

During the school holidays in March and again in May/June, Kamen Riders OOO will be meeting fans at ‘Meet & Greet’ sessions to be held in major departmental stores including Toys “R” Us, AEON, Parkson, and Metrojaya. There will also be in-store promotions at leading retailers where one can look forward to receiving premium giveaways like Kamen Rider OOO paper masks, as well as golden chances to collect O-Medal stickers to redeem a free First Hero Series – OOO Driver worth RM79.90.

The O-Medal Sticker book

Inside the O-Medal stick book. Collect all the O-Medals & exchange it for a FREE OOO Driver!

Collecting O-Medal stickers is easy. Fans will be given a free sticker book during the Kamen Rider OOO ‘Meet & Greet’ sessions at participating outlets. All they would have to do next is to collect eight different O-Medal stickers, which will be given out during the different ‘Meet & Greet’ sessions throughout the month of March. The first 500 fans who successfully compile all eight designs in a single sticker booklet will win the OOO Driver. School holidays have never promised something so exciting for Kamen Rider Fans!

In addition to this, Litt Tak is also initiating an official Kamen Rider Community Fan Club, Facebook page and other forums where fans are able to swap notes and learn more about the new and improved action character.

Speaking on the launch, Shinsuke Kojima, Sales Manager (SEA) of Bandai Group shared, “Malaysia is an important and strategic market for Bandai. Kamen Rider has always had a good following in Malaysia, and based on our success in Japan, we feel Kamen Rider OOO will also be equally as successful, as we have great support from the fans here. We are looking forward to building up the Kamen Rider brand into the largest brand ever in Malaysia.”

The Kamen Rider OOO television series is scheduled to debut locally in the 2nd quarter of this year. As for the toy range, apart from the original range of Kamen Rider OOO toys, Bandai will be introducing belts, medals and other complementary accessories with a lower entry price point, specifically created for the Malaysian market.

The Kamen Rider OOO toy range will be available at all departmental stores and toy stores including Toy “R” Us, Aeon, Isetan, Parkson and Metrojaya and is retailed from RM 9.90 onwards.

For more information, visit http://www.litttak.com.my or email litak007@tm.net.my.


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