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Japan Music Acts Unfolds

It looks like it’s TOUR-ING TIME!! The return of the Samurai Guitarist – Miyavi last month marked the first taste of LIVE Japanese Concerts in Malaysia. Now we’ve just received updates of some more exciting acts taking place (within reach) of Malaysian folks. Well you might say “Oh these are not, taking place in Malaysia”… and I would say “Yes! You’re right”… but if you do have an organizer or a sponsor who wants to bring them to Malaysia… then please ask the organizer / sponsor to do drop me an email – cosplayfun.my@gmail.com as some of the names announced here actually pass thru our hands. So until then, this is as good as it gets.

So despite not having these events here in Malaysia… our neighbours Singapore & Indonesia are not to far away …& also not to expensive away either. There is always bus / train / budget airline backpackers for a Singapore trip & Indonesia the same… minus the land transport.  So as we wait for capable & willing organizers / sponsors for more Japanese Music artiste… enjoy this 🙂 – The Captain –

May’n Dots And Lines World Tour 2014
Monday, 12 May 2014
Venue: TAB, Orchard Road – SINGAPORE
Standard: S$148, S$78

Radwimps Live Tour in SINGAPORE
Saturday, 7 June 2014
Venue: TAB, Orchard Road – SINGAPORE
Tickets: S$78

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (KPP)
Nanda Collection World Tour 2014
21 June 2014
The Star Theatre, Star PAC – SINGAPORE
Early Bird: S$118 & S$78
Standard: S$138, S$98, S$68


This new wave of event Japanese concert called the Japan Music Festival platform is managed by SOZO!  They are organizers behind the premiere Japanese Pop Culture event in South East Asia – Anime Festival Asia (AFA) and J-Live Asia.  For more information about SOZO visit: www.sozo.sg


And the most exciting news for the region is this – MIKU EXPO 2014!! Jakarta, Indonesia is the first city in this region to get this exciting honour of hosting the first MIKU EXPO!! Follow the news on their website & facebook.

Miku Expo Indonesia 2014
28 & 29 May 2014
Jakarta Convention Centre


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