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X-Men: Days of the Future Past – Review


Just caught press preview of X-Men: Days of Future past. Wow it was amazing! I mean if you liked First Class then this is yet another step in the right direction despite that direction being towards an- APOCALYPSE!

CAST – We already know it’s has amazingly talented cast we already know it has more comic heroes in it than the Avengers. So what is there still to be taken by surprise? The CAMEOS! To me they were uncountable & almost impossible to catch in one seating. You gotta catch it again!

STORY – First Class wasn’t really a reboot but maybe more of an origin story… since the franchise likes this “ORIGINS” thingie. For me it was a very deep redeeming factor for ‘Singer- X-men’ or ‘S-men’… get it? You know like it’s “BAY-Formers” & not “Transformers”? hehe Anyways, I still wouldn’t say that Bryan Singer is brilliant because of the consistency factor of his X-movies (S-men), but since First Class… it has been a redemption of sorts or even a justification of why he was given this beloved mutant saga in the first place.

In my opinion the story & timeline tie ins are the strongest element of what draws me into the new S-men trilogy. I didn’t expect this chapter to be so moving but its tear shedding revelations further ground our ties with our beloved characters.

DIRECTOR X-Factor: In my opinion… I think Bryan Singer a good SUPERHERO director. He has his own way with things that he deems important or that he is very particular about certain things that are not normally paramount (just watch the behind the scenes featurettes on the Superman Returns blu-ray). He has his quirks… but by now after watching 7 of his movies, I’ve kind of gotten more accustom to his STYLISH ways. I once said the same thing about Zack Snyder… he knows how to GLORY heroes in action sequences… until Man of Steel. I thought Man of Steel would have be all that but it was missing the remainder 70% of glory. Anyways, I’m in a place to enjoy his style & this movie has both action & drama. Not convinced he’s got a Directors SUPERHERO MOJO? Just check out how quick silver is portrayed! Bryan Singer 1 – Marvel CU 0. Now lets see how marvel handles it. 

SOUNDTRACK: John Ottman soundtrack is there to keep it in the right mood. After 7 X-men movies (2 Wolvy), I’ve grown accustom to feeling that John Ottman’s score is the X-men score. It may not be amazing to everyone but to me it has been significant & wouldn’t have the same feel with out it.

WHAT TO EXPECT: This is more “THE LAST STAND” then x3 even if it meant 3 times the X! Fans get ready for trip back in time which naturally means paradox theories & rules. FAN TRIBUTES galore!! Many “Oooos” and “Aaaa”. Popular shout outs – “BADASS”! The roaring 70’s! 


So enjoy the continuation of the epic mutant saga, a fitting middle tale to setup the finale X-men: Apocalypse. If you’re a fan or not a fan… go in to watch with an open heart. Bryan Singer is not the best story writers Stay till all credits finish rolling! Fox Studios has caught on to the Marvel trend! A nice reveal for the FOX Marvel Universe! The FUTURE looks bright!! Hurrah!

THE VERDICT: a solid 9.0 /10

X:Men Days of Future Past opens nationwide in Malaysia on 22 May 2014.

-The Captain-

Cosplay Friends at the Premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past at GSC 1 Utama, 20 May 2014.


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