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Largest DC Gathering in Malaysia

It was the already the most exciting DC Comic event ever to happen in Malaysia & we at Cosplay-Fun wanted to work in this to also break / set some records. So not only was this Batman 75th Anniversary a milestone event, cosplaying fans also make their mark & in not so many words set a standard for (so far):


42 CHARACTERS ON 7th June 2014

We had mothers cosplaying with their children. We had friends from overseas who flew in for the event. Sammit from Australia, Drefan, Kielne & Yugana from Singapore, Jna from Sabah, Pyoko Pyoko Bunny from Sarawak and the rest from west Malaysia & the Klang Valley.

Drefan from Singapore as BANE

Jna from Sabah as Classic Catwoman

Pyoko2 Bunny from Sarawak as Talia Al Ghul 

Yugana from Singapore as Two Face (gender bend) and The Captain as young Captain Gordon


Here is the list of cosplay characters who were present – FOR THE RECORD (CoD: MW2 pun):

  1. Batman (The Dark Knight Returns) – Zend
  2. Batman (The Dark Knight) – Gabriel
  3. Batman (Original design) – Khal
  4. Batman (TDK) – Aiman
  5. Robin (Tim Drake) -Kiellne
  6. Robin (Young Justice Dick) – Zarul
  7. Robin (Classic Dick) – Abid
  8. Nightwing (Young Justice ) – Zack
  9. Nightwing (Comic) – Gems
  10. Batgirl (Comic) – Yuo
  11. Oracle (Comic) – Sammi
  12. Commissioner Jim Gordon (animated) – Flame
  13. Captain Jim Gordon (Nolan inspired) – Allen
  14. Alfred (Gender-bend) – Sara
  15. Harley Quinn (adam hughes) – Hani
  16. Harley Quinn (Fanart) – Madam Hani
  17. Poison Ivy (new52) – Narukids
  18. Poison Ivy (Batman & Robin movie) – Hifzan G-Bum
  19. Catwoman (Adam hughes) – Ika
  20. Catwoman (DKRises) – Shin
  21. Catwoman (Batman Returns) – Venus
  22. Catwoman (Batman Returns) – Anastasha
  23. Catwoman (classic) – Jna
  24. Talia al Ghul (animated) – Shannon
  25. Talia al Ghul (Arkham City) – Abigail
  26. Vicky Vale (comic) – Fieda
  27. Red Hood (Comic)- Nick Ho
  28. Red Hood (Animated) – Tracy
  29. Two Face (animated) – Kuro
  30. Two Face (gender bend) – Yugana
  31. Bane (Knightfall) – Drefan
  32. The Penguin (Comic) – Ezard
  33. The Riddler (Comic)- Khalid
  34. Ra’s al Ghul (Comic) – Wan
  35. Hush (Comic)- Nick Ong
  36. Black Mask (Arkham Origins)- Mark
  37. Scarecrow (Nolan) – Azlil
  38. The Joker (Nolan) – Kenneth
  39. The Joker (Nolan) – Awwab
  40. The Joker (Arkham Origins) – Ziman
  41. The Joker (Batman Returns) – Christopher
  42. The Joker (Bank Robber – TDK) – Murali

Please bear in mind that our team was limited to ONLY Batman & Gotham city villains as a guideline from Warner Bros. That meant NO Wonder Woman, NO Flash, NO Green Lantern 😦 But still the fans managed to pull out these numbers. Much respect & passion on display.

It is very rare that a western pop-culture icon gets this kind of epic scale celebration! And mind you, this is not a movie event promotion! We’ve seen a couple of LARGE mall promos for blockbuster summer titles before – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at Mid Valley, Man of Steel at Mid Valley, Transformers at 1 Utama, Avengers: AoU at Mid Valley & most recently the T-70 Resistance X-Wing at Mid Valley. So this was a real MUST-GO & only option for pop-culture fans like us to geek-out!

Here are some pics from our friends – Forat Shot Photography

Here are some pics from our friends – cosplayer Jna (from Sabah)

For full event coverage check it here – Batman 75th Anniversary Malaysia 

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