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75 Years of The FLASH

Just as Batman celebrated his 75th Anniversary last year and Superman the year before, 2015 means happy 75th Anniversary for The FLASH! Flash made his speedster debut in 1940 in Flash #1 in a very different looking costume than that of today. But after reviewing the tribute video, he hasn’t changed all that much through the years… as compared to Batman… OMG have you seen how many different costumes he has? Mr. Rich Man! haha

Anyhow, in the DC universe – The FLASH remains as THE FASTEST man in the World. So casual fans have popped questions like if Superman raced against the Flash, who would win? Well if you’re a ‘real’ fan, you’ll know the answer is – THE FLASH! Here are some links you might enjoy. Taken from the DC Comics blog:

It’s nice to see the Flash get his TV series on a roll the second time round. It was a shame that the previous series starring John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen (1990) didn’t get a 2nd season. I liked that costume & John Wesley as Barry Allen. I thought the technology of that age was good enough to deliver a great super hero series… something that was really lacking in the 90’s. Maybe it was just ahead of it’s time? A series like Smallville could have 10 successful seasons without any of the characters dawning their hero costumes… maybe that Flash series would have been better received after the turn of the millennium?

Oh well, speculation & debates need not happen now that the 2nd rendition of The Flash (TV Series with Grant Gustin) is doing well. I believe it’s success is greatly due to the production team whose work does well in following the footsteps (and shared universe) of the battle tested ARROW series, also by Warner Bros. The ‘curse’ has been broken for ‘this’ Flash as he gets a second season. Season 2 begins this May 2015 and we’re all looking forward to more cross-overs and more DC characters to share the same universe!

Oh yea, did I mention this costume is pretty cool too? haha


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