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Hasbro Marvel Legends – ANTMAN series has arrived

Just passing through a Toys R Us the other day & stumbled upon the new Hasbro Marvel Legends ANTMAN series. This 6″ series is one of the few Hasbro products that keep getting better & better. Better from the aspects of the sculpting… the tidiness of the edges… less colour bleeding… more extra parts like different hands, head & big ass guns! At first look, this would be the 3 that I would get if I had the cash for it. Movie version ANTMAN looks amazing… & the ML Infinite series has been looking amazing ever since I saw the Captain America Stealth Suit figure… & that justify handsome specimen head sculpt…. (for a change) SOMETHING GOOD HAS HAPPENED to this series of Hasbro figures!!

Spotted yesterday at Toys R Us – Sunway Pyramid

Before this, the Marvel Legends series were very random in the sense where they had some obscure characters released along side popular ones & the famous Hasbro trait of “REPAINT” & call it a variant. But unlike the TRANSFORMERS repaints, the Marvel Legends variants were pretty cool because the variant meant it was another version of the figure & they dug the version up from comic lore!! Yay!!

My favourite of the old series was the ML Nemesis series where both versions of the Punisher were MUST-HAVEs for me. Both of those paint jobs represented a classic Punisher look. Alas for Malaysian collectors… this task to find both versions is almost but a stroke of luck & diligent perseverance!

The down side to this ANTMAN discovery is that now each figure cost RM99.90 which makes it so much tougher on the wallet but at the end of the day… the Marvel Legends series still disappear really quickly from the shelves.


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