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VISUAL ARTS EXPO (VAX) 2015 – Preview

It’s already AUGUST 2015 & Malaysia’s newest home grown event Visual Arts Expo (VAX) debuts on the 21 – 23 August at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC).

Visual Arts Expo (VAX) will be a two-day event, showcasing to the public the best and the cutting-edge in visual arts, which encompasses animation, comics, film, music and video games. On top of the expo, there will be a closed-door business-matching session, where exhibitors, vendors, and sponsors may interact with each other.

VAX will serve as an exhibition for local creatives to showcase their work, and giving them to platform and opportunity to expand their services and market their products to markets outside Malaysia.

By connecting local creatives with industry players from Japan, America and Europe, we hope to establish new relationships and spark more growth for both local and foreign creatives.

The guest list is already drawing a lot of buzz especially with the presence of Japanese anime giants Studio GAINAX & Studio SATELIGHT. Studio GAINAX CEO & co-founder Mr. Hiroyuki Yamaga has just been announced as a guest speaker for the event & for Studio SATELIGHT, Executive Director Mr. Shoji Kawamori will be representing them.

Here are some other International Highlights at #VAX2015!
• Arima Keitaro, Manga artist and educator
• Special Performance by Aimee Blackschleger
• Special Appearance by Ladybeard
• Special Performance by BACK-ON

Last but not least the local industry will also be represented here at VAX2015. Local studios like Wau Animation, Xevetor Studio, GLUE Studios & Les Copaque are scheduled to be here too.

You want more? There will be Special Interest panels & anime screenings too. The current scheudule is as follows but are subject to change 🙂

Can’t really write enough on VAX2015. You will just have to go & check it out yourself 🙂 Get the ticketing info here. There will be a ticket booth at this weekends Cosplay League: Tokyo Game Show Selection. So check that out too.

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/visualartsexpo

Official Website – http://visualartsexpo.com/

This is what the schedule is currently looking like:


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