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Visual Arts Expo (VAX) 2015 – Day 1 Review

Hey everyone, was glad to be able to visit & cover VAX yesterday on Day 1. It was like the calm before the storm (of the weekend). Everyone had time to set up & the only ones look stressed were the organisers. This is all good as an organiser given that your sponsors, partners & community are all chilled.

I arrived at 1pm & when I went in I saw the newly opened Helios-E booth was fully set dressed, setup & ready for action!! Wow! Really hard core commitment & passion if you see their booth & the stuff they brought + the little fun ‘fighting game’ photo they setup for you all!! haha If you haven’t had your props made with them, have confidence that they are passionate to bring the best out come to you on time! They completed their elaborate booth setup + photo booth by 1pm on Friday! Please drop by to visit them 🙂

What does their photo booth look like? What did they set up? Check below…. enuff said!

Local animation studios were represented & the 2 legendary Japanese studios make up the majority of the booths. Satelight brought in some merchandise from Japan! Whether it is limited edition or not I don’t know but all I know it’s limited quantity!! I think the AKB0048 will be a hit… but that’s just me 🙂

Earlier I heard mention of concerns on where to get food. So here are some photos again to put your hearts…& stomach at rest haha xD

Check out more sights in our FB page photo album: VAX 2015 DAY 1

It’s going to be an exciting weekend, full of activities on the list but not overloaded for the average cosplayer. I’m going to imagine that many folks will come out & say that it is a boring event… but then again many people don’t like ‘new’ things or ‘change’ haha. I think cosplayers who go for this event will benefit of the vast space to move around inside & outside + less distracted with running here & there to catch stage activities or visit doujin booths or line up to meet cosplay guest / music artist… etc. This event will be one they can just cosplay & enjoy 🙂 As the main purpose of event was to build the B2B bonds… I think for the cosplayers it will be a Friends 2 Friends time like an event catch-up 🙂

With Day 1 done & 2 days to go, VAX 2015 is finally here & I hope it stays. There is much benefit in diversity & VAX is definitely a breath of fresh air for the local community & the events community. Have a good one everyone!

Managed to meet the legendary creator of the Macross saga who is also designer of many Transformers G1 characters – Mr. Shoji Kawamori!


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