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Japanese Film Festival 2015 – Launch

Like we always like to mention here in our blog – September means = the return of the Japanese Film Festival at selected Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC)!! …recently made available to Penang, Sarawak & Sabah too 🙂 Yes, there are many other film festivals at the International Screens at GSC but hey? “that’s not our bag, baby!” lol

Now in it’s milestone 14th year, the 2015 edition brings 13 of the best in Japanese cinema to Malaysia. Again it has a good mix of anime (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin 1, Initial D The Movie Legend 2: Racer), drama, comedy & a red carpet gala opening at GSC Pavilion,KL.

The opening film screening was Kakekomi & it is directed by acclaimed Japanese director Mr. Masato Harada. He is famous to the rest of the world for portraying the antagonist Mr. Omura in the Edward Zwick master piece The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise as Captain Nathan Algren. You don’t think it’s a master piece? Well I’m a big fan of the movie & I want to called it as such 🙂 You would have also seen him in the Jet Li movie Fearless.

Well if you didn’t already know, the screenings for the Klang Valley have already begun & here is a quick stitch of the schedule. A word of advice is if you can try to buy the tickets in advance. 7 years ago you could just walk in to GSC & buy a JFF movie ticket and go in.. but now, it’s packed & sold out more often then not. And if you’re a fan like me, we marathon the entire weekend of Saturday & Sunday… we joked that we’d buy the same seat for every show for the heck of it to see the purchase stubs with identical date & seat haha Anyways, that was a long time ago ^^

All films are presented in Japanese with English subtitles. #JFF2015

Tickets will be sold at RM7.50 (incl. 6% GST) except for “Initial D the Movie Legend 2: Racer” and “The Adventures of Tyrano Boy” which will be sold at prevailing ticket pricing. Help support this yearly effort organised by The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur in partnership with Golden Screen Cinemas & the main sponsors the Mitsubishi Corporation.

This is the official website for the Festival: http://www.jfkl.org.my/japanese-film-festival-2015

The official FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/474410546070042/

Check out more photos from the launch here on our FB Album: The Japanese Film Festival 2015 – Launch

Here is my YOLO moment (like today’s youth would call it)! After looking so serious & villainous on screen he actually laughed when I wanted to wefie with him 🙂 Surely a high note for me in 2015, especially after the past 6 months. 

Hope all of you from KL, Penang, Sabah & Sarawak enjoy all that the JFF 2015 has to offer! It is always something special that we here at Cosplay-Fun enjoy tell you all about 🙂 Please share with friends, fans & like minded folks of such a great initiative & effort by all parties involved. One of the good things in Malaysia that we can consistently enjoy 🙂


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