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VGL Malaysia 2016 Venue Announced

Thanks to BERSIH & the suggestion of Polis Chief to shift it to Bukit Jalil stadium, the long awaited anticipated return of Video Games Live to Malaysia has been set back another 6 months. All the fans are disappointment though I know there are a few folks that are actually relieved with the new 6 months buffer. Oh well, Ying & Yang right?

Anyways, the good news is that we have a new date – 27th February 2016!

And the even better news is that the venue has also been announced – STADIUM NEGARA! So for us at Cosplay-Fun, it is now a legit event with date, venue & proper references! It’s is ON friends & fans!

At first look – this is what were are going to predict:

  1. This venue is closer & more accessible from a transportation point of view, especially for the folks coming from outstation!
  2. If any other event falls on this date… lets say Animax Carnival 2016… the fans can choose to got for the event during the day & then enjoy VGL at night… unless they are torn with the (could be) AMAZING Animax Musix Live artist line up for Saturday night. 50 – 50 chance here.
  3. Stadium Negara is a smaller venue compared to Putra Indoor Stadium. This means everyone would have a slightly closer view & proximity to the stage. And there is no better way to enjoy VGL than up close with the LCD screen in clear sight!!

So in the mean time Fans, Friends & Cosplayers, hold on to your tickets & enjoy your time now. We have already waited 3 years… I think another 6 months won’t hurt that much!

This was taken from the VGL Malaysia Facebook page.


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