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Hot Wheels – Star Wars Vehicle sightings

With the announcement of the latest installment in the saga… The Force Awakens, everyone is buzzing again with the Star Wars hype. Fans, merchandisers, TV channels… all busy & gung-ho in their enthusiasm about the culture icon. So much movie rumours as well as alleged leaked footage of the movie plot, the cast, star ships, characters, light sabers etc. it seemed all a bit too much at times & I really didn’t have the time to go thru all this stuff 🙂

Only after the release of the first trailer “Hey Chewie, we’re home” did I really have a good feeling about the force returning!! More so as I really will not get enough of Star Wars star ships in a dog fight or seeing Snow Speeders trying to take down the AT-AT walkers. With this being the draw factor… I was more amped about the announcement that Star Wars: BATTLEFRONT was in the works & will be release by end of this year! (17 November 2015 in America) That first SW:Battlefront trailer was so breath taking that we all could swore we were watching a movie! And you get to replay / relive it over & over again is you have a PS4 haha but I don’t 😦

How awesome is that game gonna be?? I can imagine it breaking some gaming records in the near future!! Anyways, the first phase of the marketing for Episode 7 has already begun with the unveiling of the Hasbro toys earlier this month. They had a midnight launch at the Mid Valley Toys R Us outlet. No coverage from us as we weren’t invited. But I managed to see the range of stuff just 2 days later & only a few items caught my interest… as they were in my budget range.

Anyways, I caught a break today as I was in the area for an appointment, I decided to swing by the nearby Toys R Us & managed to score 2 ships I liked but also saw this twin pack which I was not aware off. RM58.90. 

As far as I know there is no duplicate of the TIEs as the bottom one is the standard moon grey TIE & the top is the black Special Forces TIE. These 2 TIES can’t be bought separately from what I’ve seen. The single pack TIE comes in the a grey-ish blue colour like that of the TIE Interceptor. For the Falcon & the Ghost, they look generically the same. If you’re the old school fan like you’ll know that the only reason to have 2 Falcons would be the normal one versus the ROTJ battle damaged Falcon… which to hard core fans like us know – it’s just minus the satellite dish on the top xD haha

Here is the other thing I noticed. There is a difference in the packaging. After the Hasbro toy line launch we already know that the Ep. 7 colour scheme will be white, black & red. Which is why the later ones are as such. I thought it was strange that though just a year apart, that they couldn’t just save some money & use white-black-red design last year… but I guess there is a strict A&P plan to promote. After all its Star Wars… one of the biggest global marketing icon if not THE biggest!

I chose this over the familiar Hasbro “Titanium Die-cast” because these were about 20% larger than the Hasbro series. Plus the Hot Wheels brand (Mattel) has been making toys like these way longer than the Hasbro brand. I grew up with Matchbox brand cars & after it was sold to Mattel in 1997, Hot Wheels + Matchbox = their die-cast collectibles just got better! So this also equals a very promising product though I haven’t unboxed them yet. In this series, the Falcon is apple of my eye as my favourite Snow Speeder seems to be a bit small for my fancy.

Anyways, here is my selected collection so far – Millennium Falcon, Snow Speeder, X-Wing Fighter with RED 5 markings (distinguished feature S-foils in attack position) & the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter (distinguished features are the skinny antenna & red stripe).

May the force be with you all!


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