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ALICE NINE Tour 2015 Re:birth -Tensyou- Live in Kuala Lumpur

J-ROCK continues the push to solidify it’s place in Malaysia with a yearly highlight. Since 2012, organisers Toy Box Projects, has been consistently working to bring in Japanese bands for the fans to fill that void for J-ROCK music. They have always partnered in tandem of JRock Malaysia Community (JRMY) & JROCK no Tamashi to also create a platform for local JRock bands to perform they favourite songs & also they own original songs. The yearly JRock no Tamashi concert has always been a clear indication that MALAYSIAs Got JRock Passion! And they have the talent too. Year after year since 2011, more & more bands emerge.

Enough about the brief history or rather reAWAKENing of the local Jrock scene… and on to the big news!! Many of you may have already read & know that Alice Nine (A9) is coming down to KL & this is their last stop so it’s gonna be a blast… but did you read the news last week of a special campaign JUST FOR MALAYSIA? Check it out! This is the official info released by Toy Box Projects Facebook page:

クアラルンプールだけの特典です!Die-Hard Zoneチケットお買い上げのファン方から抽選で10組20名様を記者会見にご招待!会見後にはA9との写真撮影も!
In celebration Kuala Lumpur with being the TOUR FINAL STOP, we will be holding an EXCLUSIVE event especially for you die-hard fans!

If you purchased Die-Hard-Zone Ticket to ALICE NINE Tour 2015 Re:birth -Tensyou- Live in Kuala Lumpur, you stand a chance to be invited to the Press Con & take photo with A9!
Limited to 20 fans only!*
*T&C :
1) 20 fans (2 pax x 10 Pairs) will be selected via lucky draw & will be announced on 29 October on Toybox Projects’ Facebook + Website.

2) Direct Purchaser Alert! If you have purchased the tickets via booth / ROCK CORNER outlet, since there is no serial number on the tickets, please send in the entry to us via email as instructed below, latest by 26 October 10PM :
• Kindly email us at (tickets@toybox-projects.com) a photo of your ticket, together with your details (Name, IC Number, Contact No, Email) with the email title [A9 Press Con Contest].
• To avoid the misconduct, we require your IC + actual ticket to be presented upon entree to the press conference.

3) Online Purchaser Alert! If you have purchased online, don’t worry. We already have your data. You will be able to collect your ticket at the Press Conference counter. You will be requested to present your IC upon collection. Online purchases for this exclusive lucky draw are only entitled to those who purchase ticket(s) online before 26 October 10PM as well.

4) The entree pass is non-transferable. Only the winners on our list will be able to enter.

5) You will not be allowed to photo/video of your own. Photo with A9 will be taken by our official photographer and will be provided later.

6)Any misconduct act found by the organizers / Artist Management lead to the attendees being escorted out of the event.

7) Organizer and Artist Management reserves the rights to modify any of the T&C without any prior notice.

Please be informed this is THE ONLY OPPORTUNITY to have photo with A9 for this entire tour. This is invitation to Press Con and you will be given a time to take photo with A9 after that. It is NOT THE SAME as Die-Hard Zone package M&G where you will be able to have hand-shake and autograph session after the concert.


Oh man! I already feel excited for all you fans out there 🙂 Don’t wait any longer!! Here is the general info if you’re considering going for the concert.


After the successful 10th Anniversary Asia Tour last year, ALICE NINE is restarting their 2nd decade with the new album releasing on 23 August 2015 in Japan. With this new album entitled 銀河ノヲト -Sound of Galaxy-, they will kick-start with the Japan
Tour, after a year of silence and anticipation, with 9 cities and will continue the tour in Asia in 9 cities 11 shows, in which Kuala Lumpur will be the Tour Final Stop on 1 November at 8PM at KL Live.

アリス九號 (read as “Alice Nine”) was formed in 2004 as a 5-member band with Shou on vocals, Hiroto on guitar, Tora on guitar, Saga on bass and Nao on drums. After the 5 successful years, they have changed their alphabet of the band name to all english “ALICE NINE”on their 5th anniversary on 1 June 2009. In 2011, the band had their concert in Nihon Budoukan, the concert hall in Japan which is known as a hall that measures the level of the artist as the Major & Popular artist when holding the concert. By then, ALICE NINE’s popularity reached to outside Japan and they have
won 3rd place in the annual awards by the Japanese national station that airs in about 150 countries worldwide, NHK’s J-MELO 2013. With their 10th Anniversary in 2014, ALICE NINE has successfully completed their First Asia Tour (14 shows), and with their concert held on 23 August 2014, the band has left the renown artist management which they have stayed since their first day, and set their own management. In conjunctions with their new song releases, the band is to begin their activities after a year of silence.

2004 年「アリス九號.」結成。Vo. 将、Gt. ヒロト、Gt. 虎、Ba. 沙我、Dr.Nao からなる5 人組バンド。結成5 周年を迎えた2009 年6 月1 日バンド名表記を Alice Nine」に変更。2011 年1 月6 日には初の日本武道館公演を実施。その 後も精力的にリリース、ライブと活動。その人気は日本国内にとどまらず海外 にも拡大。世界約150  カ国で放送されているNHK  「J-MELO」で毎年行われて いるJ-MELO Awards 2013 において3位を獲得。10 周年YEAR となった2014 年には初のアジアツアー(全14 公演) を成功させた。2014 年8 月23 日ライブ をもって、結成当初より所属していた事務所から独立。2015  年夏より約1  年の 沈黙を破りライブ、リリース怒涛の活動を展開する。

For more information

Concert Information: http://www.toybox-projects.com/#!a9-live-in-kl2015/c1k8f
Official Website : http://a9-project.com
Official Twitter : https://twitter.com/a9_official
Official Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/A9CH
Wiki : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A9_(band)

About the concert in Kuala Lumpur

Title : ALICE NINE 2015 Re:birth-Tensyou- Live in Kuala Lumpur
Date,Time and Venue : 8PM, 1 November, KL Live
Organizer : Toybox Projects & RINethics Inc
Partners : Valkyrie (Partner), Jrock Malaysia Community (Partner), Rentak Sejuta
(Official Media), SelebritiOnline (Official Media), YG (Official Magazine), EPOP (Official
Magazine), Novotel Hotel Kuala Lumpur (Official Hotel).


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