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Alice Nine (A9) rocks Kuala Lumpur again!

Kuala Lumpur was the final stop on the bands “Re: birth -TENSHO” tour 2015. The entire tour covered 9 cities in Japan & 9 Asian countries (11 shows). That’s an amazing road trip to go on, then these guys are no new kids on the block. 2014 marked the bands 10th anniversary & what a BANG to start off their new decade then going on the road!

Some might say, it sucks to be the last destination on the entire tour, because you would have already read & seen all the highlights… here say… comments of the concerts. I think the band would also agree… which is why they dropped in a little extra surprise for the Malaysia fans with a late drop! Just for the Malaysian fans – management arranged for a special contest to the fans to meet & greet with the band a day before the concert. Winners will meet the band after the press conference for some “PERSONAL” time with the group in a close door session. Yes, personal time! More than just a hand shake… more than just 1 photo by the official photographer! Fans took selfies with their favourite band members & at the same time managed to strut their ‘nihongo’. I can really imagine the excitement of the fans!!

No press or media allowed in this special time

This is a rare thing for Japanese acts. The ‘up close & personal’ experience is usually shun by the management or agents which is strange in our culture but a common thing in theirs. So the fans were already excited about the bands return just one year later… & now they here about this special ‘last stop’ experience??? The organisers & management have officially PSYCHED UP the Malaysian fans!

Here are the fans just after their meet & greet at Novotel Hotel, Kuala Lumpur:

When asked was install for the fans on the bands last stop, this is what the guys had to say: 

So what did we get in the end?? 

The guys came out in their white themed outfits and they came out rocking & rocking & rocking! For lack of a better description… that’s what they did. It was like ‘less talk more play’ haha They opened with PHOENIX… then moved into HEART OF GOLD before any words were spoken. What an entrance indeed!

This was the Malaysia set list:
1 Phoenix
2 Heart of Gold
3 道化師
4 銃弾
5 華
6 ブループラネット
7 流星群
8 Shooting Star
9 フリージアの咲く場所
13 Spiegel
16 春夏秋冬
EN2 ハイカラなる輪舞曲
EN3 the beautiful name

Many friends & familiar faces in the crowd on concert night. After all it’s a pretty tight community. Funny thing was that I’m used to seeing these folks… our Malaysian JROCK fans at other events … overseas… like in Singapore at AFA for I Love Anisong because we don’t a variety of JROCK concerts or event just… Japanese music artiste concerts. So it was a good change to enjoy your favourite artiste in your own home town / country! Also hope that this is the beginning of a change, a new chapter for Japanese music fans in Malaysia.

A big thanks to organisers Toybox Projects & RINethics Inc. Without their gamble to do these events, no one else would (or some tried but failed or were fake).

Thanks to the partners: Valkyrie (Partner), Jrock Malaysia Community (Partner), Rentak Sejuta
(Official Media), SelebritiOnline (Official Media), YG (Official Magazine), EPOP (Official
Magazine), Novotel Hotel Kuala Lumpur (Official Hotel)

Yuri (CEO Toybox Projects) & the team.

More photos here on our Facebook Album: Coming soon!


#AliceNine #A9 #ToyboxProjects #CosplayFunMalaysia @CosPlayFunMy

Last but not least to the fans… all of those who bought concert tickets, CDs, albums, shared event posts, help tweet, told friends via word of mouth etc. Some even flew in from East Malaysia (Cynthia & gang from Kuching *noticed u*). Your support in form of the above mentioned has DIRECTLY helped in what success the event has achieved. It is no easy task to organise a concert for a foreign artist let alone one that is not named Metallica, Maroon 5, One Direction etc.

Some of the Winners at the Press Conference

Success, in what ever little or big it may seem or even in dollars & cents  = will be defined organiser & artist management. And it is their decision that determines if there is a next one. You can write how many petitions you want… comment of how many facebook pages or keep proclaiming on social media on how you are THE biggest fan but at the end of the day these 3 factors are the king for any event to happen.

Having experience in this industry, the Captain attain inside information that after the initial 2014 Supernova Symphonia concert at Megastars Arena, the band personally requested to return to Malaysia to play. I was not there for that concert but I think that the fans who came for that event must have left a lasting impression in their hearts. It is very rare that a established & successful band (11 years & counting) would push for a return to Malaysia just a year after they played there. So you all must have done something special for them!

So to the fans & friends – “Keep up your support for your passion”. I  recognise the value of your support, I appreciate your effort & I know what it cost. *salute*

– The Captain –



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