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Dave Ross Illustrators Workshop

Out of the blue I got news that Pekomik was bringing a Marvel Comic artist to Comic Fiesta 2015. Wow! What an amazing treat! In all the 13 years of Comic Fiesta… this is the first that I can remember to have a western comic artist as a guest. Then again he was Pekomik’s guest & not CF’s guest, thus not receiving any promo or mention at all from the countries biggest ACG event. This is part of what lead to the joke tagline in the past like “Manga Fiesta” or “Cosplay Fiesta” haha.

Anyways, the special guest was Mr. Dave Ross aka Mr. David H Ross. He is an art lecturer in his homeland of Toronto, Canada. http://www.daverossart.com

So what’s up with him? Well here’s 3 major factors that made me (at the last minute) change my mind to want to go to CF (despite people jam & vehicle jam)!

  1. Mr. Dave Ross is a real veteran in the comic scene as he’s been involved since its glory days in the mid 80s till this decade.
  2. He is also one of the few comic artists to work for the “big 3” comic publishers – Marvel, DC and also Dark Horse! Titles he’s penciled are house hold names from across the genre like Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, Spiderman, Aliens vs Predator, X-Men, X-Factor, Excalibur, New Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Justice League, Daredevil, Punisher, my first comic series Alpha Flight & many more! 
  3. I visited his website (www.daverossart.com/checklist.html) & ran through the checklist of his work… and WOW!! I actually have comics of his work & it’s some of my favourite titles – THE PUNISHER!

Well unfortunately I couldn’t make it to CF15 even if I wanted to due to work. Fortunately Pekomik & Abang Sireh Cartoonist posted that Mr. Dave will be conducting an art workshop at Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya on Tuesday, 22 December 2015. A small fee of RM 20 to meet the man himself & get hims to autograph my comics huhu!! This is really so much more relaxed & different from the schedule chasing experience of Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention (STGCC) but with the same excitement!

So here are some of the sights from the full house work shop titled – Free Hand Drawing for Illustrators by David  H Ross.

Full photo album here: Free hand Drawing Workshop with Dave Ross

His book by the same title will be arriving to Malaysia somewhere this next week at Kinokuniya. Estimated price is RM 92.90.

So happy to meet him & get him to autograph my comics! Punisher War Journal #14 & #15. And by far the one in best of condition – The Spectacular Spider-man Annual #9: Atlantis Attacks!

UPDATE: For those of you who missed the chance to catch Mr. David Ross at Comic Fiesta & the workshop, here is a 3rd chance for you – MR DAVE ROSS will be making an unofficial mini appearance this Saturday, 26 December at Avenue K – 1230pm to 230pm. I am guessing it is on Level 4 where Cosmart was held but we’ll see how. For more updated news stay tuned to the Cosplay-Fun Facebook page. The actual link to the post is below.

Pekomik post here: https://www.facebook.com/pekomik/posts/970002693068388

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