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Game Plan 2015

If there is one genre of ACG events that’s lacking, it’s…. NO NOT COMIC CON or (a misspelling of it’s name) Komik Kon haha I bet most of you would be thinking that. Ok, if you weren’t then it’s just me. Anyways, it’s the topic of the season… season meaning half last year till half this year… so many people I meet are talking about… “why Malaysia got no comic con?”. Coming from event goers… it’s ok & common… but coming from people who are event organizers too? Haha Looks like the statistic is growing!

Anyways there are many myths to BUST but that would be a blog for another time. So to bust one myth right now is this – What is the most neglected genre of pop culture that doesn’t have a staple event in Malaysia? The answer VIDEO GAMES!

It’s NOT Comic-Con, it’s NOT Anime, it’s NOT JROCK concerts, it’s NOT MMORPG… it’s VIDEO GAME convention.

So at the first word from a blue bird about a gaming event, it was exciting news. Then I got word that friends from Malaysia Cosplay Toshokan will also be involved so it sounded more legit that it wasn’t a scam & that it had a better possibility of taking place. Of course only time will tell if it did well enough to have the continuity. After 5 years in the local ACG event production I’ve seen many things & new guidelines have been set as a yardstick to measure events. But that’s a topic for yet another blog haha

Game Plan was a building up to be a massive event with the 2 signs:

  • They had a guest cosplayer who is not from Asia. She was none other than Pugoffka from Ukraine. First cosplayer from Europe to be a guest in Malaysia (from what I remember). 
  • They had the first Japanese Idols group & DJ Idol – Stella Beats & DJ Kana-chan 

LOL / DOTA … MMORPG tournaments? Seen them. Big prize money! Cosplay competition? Cosplay Workshop? They’re every where. But to have all this in one event, let alone a first time event… by college folks? Now that is impressive!  

KDU University College Uthropolis, Glenmarie is the new player in the ACG event scene. Game Plan is the name of their inaugural offering. Genisys & MCT are the main folks behind the overall delivery of this event.

Cosplay guest, Cosplay competition, PC MMORPG tournament, Wii Party, Driving Simulator, Macross Café, Itasha display, sellers booth etc. were the content they were able to offer with their multiple sized venue like a mini lecture hall / auditorium style. The standard class room style & the main hall on the 4th floor.

Like anything new – people will be skeptical, afraid & doubtful of this unfamiliarity & start to criticise, condemn & talk aloud about their comments… and in the end will end up going haha! Not all but most would.

The initial problem for this venue was how to get around from place to place, more so for the media folks like us who will be running from place to place wanting to cover the variety of content. It also didn’t help that there was a mislabeling of the floors on the event brochure. Thankfully the media folks were friendly & helpful to direct us.

Here is the video walk thru the main entrance:

Here is the video walk thru of the main hall:

Here is the entire FB album of the event: GAME PLAN 2015

All in all it was a very ambitious first time event. It made sense for KDU, the only college with a course in video games. I am looking forward to what they will actually do in the future. In my opinion I think some adjustments need to be made to more focused. Some items need to be subtracted so that more relevant items can be added. If you guys are reading this, do let us know if you are organizing this event again. We would like to share some insight on how it could be a better Game Plan 2016?!!

– email us [cosplayfun.my@gmail.com] –

Personally, I would like to thank the Game Plan organisers because they are the first to offer Cosplay-Fun & our followers the chance to win free tickets to their event. In all our 5 years in existence, this was the first. Thank you very much! You have our support. #GamePlan #KDUUniversity #KDUUtropolis #Pugoffka #Onnies #Genisys

p/s nice to see Onnies again! 


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