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Gun Cosplay Loot

Growing up like any other boy I was drawn to play with toy guns & shooting games. Then interest in Military & Tactical outfits… G.I. Joe comics… series & figures. Movies like Rambo, Commando, Missing In Action, Delta Force, helped the interest… help the movie industry & also build the careers of Stallone, Schwarzenegger & Chuck Norris. Then games became more & more immersive – full on HD graphics first person shooter. Medal of Honor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Black Ops, Battlefield, SOCOM, Brothers in Arms were just some of the titles milking the Military genre.

Then Hollywood made another come back to rope in the genre with such success movies like The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, The Kingdom, Green Zone, Lone Survivor, American Sniper etc.

Anyway, in short… it’s fun & it’s VERY popular!! haha But whats more fun is cosplaying tactical operatives with friends!! So this brings us to this blog. Whats this blog about?

Well in 2009 the government started clamping down on the 1:1 scale toy guys. The orange or red tip of the barrel was not enough. They would disallow any toy guy that looked like an actual existing hand gun. So what did that leave us the cosplayers? We got funky colour pistol & rifles that were a cross between a water-pistol and a light flashing space ray gun! haha No wonder why many turned to illegally purchasing & play with Airsoft guns.

Fortunately like all things in Malaysia, things will die down after a while & the patient will be rewarded. So here are some of the good looking stuff we can legally find in mall stores. The best that we can find in the Klang Valley.

Toys R Us – True Heroes series


They previously only had pistols for a long while. A replica of the Beretta 92… with the uber cool – blow back feature! Then came the M4 SOMOD = “Special Force Action Rifle”. Now it comes in not 1 but 2 colours, the dark green & the desert camo. 886887_10154372977224989_3332046148920615111_o

The weight, scale & feel to the rifle feels really good. But even before that, if you’re a cosplay gun enthusiast like me … it looks so good that it calls to me haha 1:1? I’d like to think so! RM109.95

Suddenly they added a new rifle & what an interesting choice it is. It is none other than the IMI Tavor TAR-21! I first saw this bull-pup rifle attached with a ITL MARS sight in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! Quick fire rate but not much of a punch. You tend to run out of bullets before the enemies go down which is why the FAL is the best haha lol Anyways, it looks good!! 12418983_10154372977034989_3301376774633239635_o

Speedy Video – Crystal Bullet Gun

Suddenly I spot this classic at an unexpected Speedy! It’s an icon weapon from WWII. The Nazi signature machine gun the MP40! Then wow, I saw it comes in the 2nd colour too! Wow wee!! Only RM 119, for something that looks like a 1:1 MP 40.

Apparently it is a battery power rifle that shoots some sort of soft palettes. Never tried it so I wouldn’t know.


A few months later -Speedy brings in this!! The M4 – Storm. Wow is the MP40 wasn’t classy enough… now comes the M4 Carbine 16″ or 14″ barrel. Maybe it’s an AR15, I can’t tell. I guess we’ll just stick with it being a M-4 like the name says haha 12465944_10154372977219989_2094890718148543884_o

But so far it looks good… I think it’s a bit big but still for ‘Asian’ size, it looks pretty good! Comes with adjustable stock & scope sight. I had a chance to hold it up so u can the size comparison.


GIANT Hypermarket

From this blog topic you can sorta know that I like to pass by the toy section of all sorts of shops haha! So of the best finds are really by chance… but then again I really like this quote from the movie Under Siege 2. The villain keeps quoting this phrase through out the movie & I too have grown to appreciate the wisdom behind the words “Chance favours the prepared mind”. This is a fairly famous quote which originated from the microbiologist & ‘Master Pasteur’ (lol I just came up with that) – Louis Pasteur who is famous for creating the process called…. Pasteurization.

What gems caught my eye? How about this – Glock 19… i think cause it’s hard to tell when it’s in the holster. This pistol is so popular world wide & also on TV on CSI. I think the Glock is the official side arm of America’s FBI. One out of every 3 armed “Polis” man in Malaysia also can be seen spotting a Glock! Anyways for RM10 or RM15 you can get this! 12402211_10154372977054989_2113918299689668067_o

Then for something old school I found that they have a close to 1:1 scale Walther P38. For me this was synonymous with James Bond but most of us will know it to be the Megatron gun! Transformers G-1ers will know this well. RM 10


After finding so much GUN loot… like something off a chapter in Borderlands, I felt I just needed to blog & share with all you who are looking for such stuff & can appreciate a good loot find.

Any cool 1:1 scale stuff (or close too) you have found?? Do share with us too 🙂 Have a good time matching your cosplays with your new armament!

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