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The Loot Chest – Store Opening

The newest toy collectible store opened last Friday at Da:men shopping centre, which itself has only been open for about a week. Da:men USJ is located beside the well know The Summit USJ mall in the Subang Jaya area.

We at Cosplay-Fun are not heavy-weights in the scene or in the media so we were very happy to receive an invite to the attend the store opening.

Located on the 4th Floor just across of the ‘Akiba’ Street area, it gets the normal locality placement in a mall of this day & age – video games / toy / hobby / collectibles would usually be allocated on the top floor.

I thought they got a pretty good size store despite being on the top floor. The name is pretty fitting with the amount of goodies that you can find there, a whole CHEST of loot! If any of you remember, The Captain was often recognised as Jack Sparrow many years ago, so the store name would be pretty much in the lingo… followed by “drink up me hearties yo ho! Arrrggh!

Now back to the topic – on the opening day event the store was Stocked & Ready for Retail with – Funko POP, Banpresto Figures, Neko Atsume, Pokemon Plushies, Mystery Mini’s + Video Games & Game Room! Mind you this is only about half of what they can hold. Despite this, The Loot Chest already filled with lotsa pop-culture gems & cuddly plushies to  wrestle your cash away.

The store is divided into 3 parts. The main area was populated with the Funko POP collectibles + Sony Playstation stuff while the inner room held the Banpresto Figures & Plushies (as shown above)…. Neko Atsume… Pusheen… Pokemon Tokyo Centre stuff haha Anime fans can already feel their cash flying away. First hand comments from a friend was that they were quite fairly priced, comparable to the prices in Japan… even with the shipping cost & recent plunge of the ringgit.

So what’s better than Funko POP collectibles? Funko POP collectors ‘LOOT’ boxes!! Just for the media, store owners Aadesh & Marcus allowed us an inside look at the special collectors box stuff!

For full reveal of the other boxes & all photos please go to our FB album: The Loot Chest – Store Opening

There were 5 at hand – The Star Wars: TFA Smuggles Bouty, Marvels Collectors Corps: Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Secret Wars, Ant-Man. Each priced at RM 300 though these were already sold out.

However, what you can pre-order now is Marvel’s Collectors Corp February BOX – DEADPOOL!



Also soon DC will be joining in with their Legion of Collectors – https://legionofcollectors.com/ with their first offering being none other than Batman V Superman. Exclusive figure will be armoured Batman!

Both of these & many other available for pre-order at:

The Loot Chest
Lot 4-23,
1, Jalan Persiaran Kewajipan
USJ 1, Subang Jaya


Here are some of the Funko POP collectibles available. The regular POPs, Giant POPs, POP Rides, Pocket POPs, some rare POPs like the ‘Hipster Disney Princess’ (I kid you NOT) & Limited Edition POPs like the Iron Throne (from Game of Throne) which is a New York Comic-con exclusive item. Apparently the 3 character set Jabba, SLAVE Leia & Crumb is a very rare find too!

Just when you thought I was done talking about this place… there is still yet one more surprise. Unfortunately it was not completed in time… or rather the contractors didn’t get it right the first time which results in delay. Anyways, the next phase yet to be completed is the GAMERS Room! Now this will be a very special component for future community stuff. We’ll check out it’s progress in the days to come.

So for now, please offer The Loot Chest a warm welcome to our shores of geek-dom. They are fellow geeks with both western & eastern fandoms in mind. Do drop by & check out their store if you are in the area. Get their latest updates via Facebook after you LIKE on their page – THE LOOT CHEST.

p/s haha I am feeling like Deadpool right now… as in my typing will not end or I will not go away… still trolling haha well usually February is Gong Xi Fa Chai month but we’ll all be feeling the Deadpool fever this year now the official costume mascot is now running loose around the Klang Valley!

Soooooo for those of you who thought that the store name – The Loot Chest… kinda sounds a lot like or can be mistaken for another pop-culture goodie – the LOOT CRATE… YES, you are not alone. But best part of it is that SOON, these two maybe synonymous! *fingers crossed* But for now please stay tuned friends & fans. The Captain is now signing off… really. Thanks for reading.



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