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Tomica Star Wars Vehicles

Hey Star Wars Friends, Fans & Collectors… more stuff to suck our money!! haha Well these goodies were recently spotted in the Klang Valley.

What are they? They are Tomica Star Wars vehicles by Takara Tomy (Japan).

What is Tomica? Tomica is like the Japanese equivalent of Hotwheels. They produce 1/64 scale & 1/43 scale die cast model cars. Tomica is one of the flagship brands of toy giants TOMY. In 2006, Tomy mergered (more like bought over) Takara & has since used the name Takara Tomy for domestic released products & TOMY for its international products. Takara’s most famous contribution to pop culture has got to be the Transformers aka Microman’s Micro Change aka Micronauts aka Diaclone… designed by Mr. Shoji Kawamori!! Just wanted to throw in that bit of trivia as Mr. Shoji Kawamori was actually here in Malaysia last year for VAX 2015! And I actually had the chance to meet the man…. the creator so to speak!

Anyhow, these little ones hit the shelves in Japan last year with the first batch in January 2015 & the later batch in July 2015. Didn’t catch a glimpse of them anywhere till now thanks to Aeon (Jusco). Only 7 models released & all 7 models were available at the time of reconnaissance.

TSW-01 = Milenium Falcon
TSW-02 = X-Wing
TSW-03 = TIE Fighter
TSW-04 = Star Destroyer
TSW-05 = Y-Wing
TSW-06 = Landspeeder
TSW-07 = Darth Vader’s TIE Advance

They are retailing for RM39.90 and I am so glad that you don’t have to “TIKAM” to select your favourite ship.

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Have a good celebration as you consider what to use your angpow money for. Good Luck!

#StarWars #Tomica #TakaraTomy #AngpowGONE


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