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Street Fighter V Launch Party event – Malaysia

Here are some of the sights from the SFV launch party in Malaysia held at the APW in Bangsar.

Malaysia has always been lacking the ‘gaming’ events in the ACG acronym, and I am not talking about the PC gaming because there are quite a few. I’m talking about those console gaming events! (table top gaming events included) PS4 is the only triving console in Malaysia but how many events are organised for their gamers? Please check out our Events List Blog… for the past 4 years 🙂

Anyways so with great excitement to begin the year… we at CPF were invited to attend this party & game launch… of not just an everyday game but one with such history… 29 years of history to be accurate! 
#SFV #StreetFighterV #StreetFighter5 #Capcom
#Playstation4 #PS4 #SonyPlaystation
#PlayInteractive #GamesHub

For the full album of event photos, check out our FB album: Street Fighter V Launch Party – Malaysia
As fun as it was, it was announced by Play Interactive boss that there would be another event like this coming up in April… oh now it’s May involving the 4th installment of a guy named Nathan as we followed him thru his ‘Fortune’, ‘Deception’ and now his alleged ‘End’? Looking forward to that for sure too!!
#Uncharted4 #Uncharted4TheifsEnd

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