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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Event Launch – Malaysia

If you have not been checking out Facebook page updates which are more frequent & forth coming…. then you wouldn’t know that this event is already in full affect! There was much anticipation when a large black cloth was covering something big right in the middle of the centre court… as if the centre attraction of centre court.

Well by now you will know that it is none other than the latest Batmobile from the upcoming flick Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice!

Pavilion KL started it all 2 years ago… when it decided to celebrate Batman’s 75th Anniversary at this very same location. Movie promo events are common… especially for the big summer blockbuster titles… Transformers, The Avengers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Man of Steel etc but to take a chance in doing an event for an iconic characters 75th Anniversary is something else altogether. So this will always deserve an honourable mention from the fan community because they gave us an event to geek out.

*Even the ever gigantic Star Wars didn’t get a shopping mall event for its 30th Anniversary. It was the friends and fans that had to put the effort to pull it all together for the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back – namely Outpost Productions & Cosplay-Fun community folks* So salute to Pavilion KL again!

In our teaser we mentioned 4x 1:1 Scale specials will be highlighted or rather 3 statues & 1 monster! We know which of the 1:1 scale specials is the MONSTER!! Anyways here are the specials: Superman, Armoured Batman and Wonder Woman made by Beast Kingdom (Taiwan).

There’s lotsa other stuff there too… especially the new stuff from the the DC Superheroes Store…. the spiffy new DC Superheroes Cafe at Sunway Putra Mall, Shiok Toys Collectibles featuring the BvS prototype 40″ figures from Prime 1 Studios and RHB bank.

There is also 2 kinect motion games to play… again there is a Batman one – Batman Battle & a Superman one – Defender of Earth. And a Batman trick art backdrop for you to take pics with.

Hurry up & check it out as the exhibit is reaching it’s tail end already. Last day is Sunday, 27 March 2016. Since then we had some cool stuff like the Live Drawing Session with Malaysian DC Comic artist Mr. Alan Quah (12 March) and the DC Cosplayers showcase + Cosplay Competition (13 March) among many other activities.

Full album of venue pics: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Event Launch – Malaysia

Comic & Cosplay Weekend pics by John Gullidge:
Batman V Superman – Let The Hype Begin part 1 of 2
Batman V Superman – Let The Hype Begin part 2 of 2

A big thanks to Pacific Licensing Studio (Malaysia) and Pavilion KL for making this happen! We hope to see more in the future!!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in Malaysian cinemas 24 March 2016!

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