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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Movie Review (NO SPOILERS)

Again we would first like to thank Pacific Licensing Studio (MY) and Pavilion KL for making this event happen and also the chance to watch the premiere of this EPIC movie 2 days ahead of most parts of the world 🙂 Haha me putting my best Ben Affleck chin foward! 

There was much anticipation for this movie whether people care to admit it or not. 2 of comics longest running and most successful characters Superman and Batman… FACE OFF in an EPIC live action movie made with 21st century cinema production technology…. AND introducing the an even bigger cast aka the Justice League! Much WOW!

Superman first introduced to the world – Action Comics #1, June 1938
Batman first introduced to the world – Detective Comics #27, May 1939

Lots of history with them & in between them. Lots of movies & reboots between them too but never before a FACE OFF movie or even as they say – a live action movie with them in the same universe! 


There was so much buzz & bizz surrounding this movie that it couldn’t equal or exceed that which surrounded Star Wars: The Force Awakens! So many theories & so many plot guesses. Countless fans & movie sleuths disecting interviews, trailers & photos. The best I had the time to read was this one by this Brazillian pop culture editor Rick theorizing that BvS was going to unveil an ultimate master mind twist that would blindside us all. This surfaced in cyberspace when the 1st full trailer rolled. Though it sounded far fetch… all the evidence presented was very convincing and with merit. His theory was that Ben Affleck was Slade Wilson and not Bruce Wayne… How BvS Links with the Suicide Squad etc. An epic read (http://moviepilot.com/posts/3586492)

Ok, lets just cut to the movie review with NO SPOILERS!

NATURAL SELECTION – In my opinion, the make or break factor of these new emerging “shared universe” or “Cinematic / TV universe” is what facts / elements / source will the producers / directors / writers choose to pick and make as their universe CANON!

The DC movies just got a reboot with the Man of Steel (2013) movie forming what will now be known as the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) – the shared DC universe based on movies only. Apparently the TV series DC titles will be a universe of their own, with that specific set of actors.

Now, after CANONizing the Superman origins for the DCEU with Man of Steel (2013)… BvS is suppose to CANONize Batman’s origins for the DCEU and also set the stage for the other Justice League characters…. on it’s way to the 2 part Justice League movie slated for 2017 & 2019. Now ladies and gentlemen…. this is a tall order with just 2 hours and 33 mintues air time. 


SOURCE MATERIAL – Nothing gets fans going more than RESPECT and HONOUR for the source material. Batman & Superman have 75+ years of successful source material to piece together… some even with reputation as greatest comic literature of all time. Now the spiffy new DCEU is at a pivotal point because it not only needs to choose what becomes CANON for Batman but also for a whole lot of other characters too namely Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash. At first glance I assumed that BvS was going to be straight outta (Compton pun*) Frank Miller’s: The Dark Knight Returns comic (1986) but No… but also, yes haha Like I said DC is establishing their DCEU so they will pick and choose from what source material to be CANON! 

HOW DID THEY FARE CHOOSING SOURCE MATERIAL, TRIBUTES AND EASTER EGG: I found it engaging and presented well in terms of a plausable story plot in this day & age. The nod to iconic comic poses and name dropping was pretty cool too, keeping us on our toes through out the movie. 7.5/10.

THE BAT OF GOTHAM – Since this movie has much about BATMAN. So a question on peoples minds would be ‘How is Ben Affleck as Batman?’ Recently after a chat with a friend I found that it’s actually a 2 part question since there are 2 personas involved! So the question to ask for fans would be – How was Ben Affleck as Batman? and How was Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne? With some 75+ years of Batman, it’s really cool that each actor can have their own rendition of the 2 personas and still be good. Unlike Christian Bale, only Michael Keaton had the chance to play the Bat more than once in a movie. The downside that comes with that is that the actors might not have the time make it great… then again I guess if you have the chops or if the character works for u…. you don’t need that much screen time haha. 

HOW DID BEN FARE AS BRUCE? I liked his performance. A much welcomed version of Bruce compared to the intense & uptight Bale version which we watched for about 7 years. There was even some time to put in a sense of humour this time. 7/10

HOW DID BEN FARE AS BATMAN? I like this presentation of Batman. For lack of a better word, I felt he was more organic. The words ‘Batman – vigilante crime fighter’ comes to mind to. I like how this Batman moved, fought and bulk. Gives me the Tim Burton – Michael Keaton vibe 8/10. 

WONDER WOMAN – What can I say about Gal Gadot as Diana Prince as Wonder Woman but.. ❤ Wow! Gorgeous Amazon Warrior Princess on the big screen. She says she’s been away for 100 years… but we feel that even 100 years ago… it was never like this! It was great to have you grace the screen. Can’t wait for 2017! 10/10 


DIRECTOR – Honestly, I am a big Zack Snyder fan but Man of Steel did not hit home anything amazing for Superman. The most it did for me was to urge me to go out & buy the Superman Returns blu-ray so I can watch it again! And again quite frankly I prefered Superman Returns to Man of Steel. Yes, despite the many flaws in Superman Returns (story… pacing… Kate Bosworth etc) … it had some amazing moments… that Airplane rescue… every single scene where Superman is flying!! haha Anyways, in my opinion Zack Snyder is really masterful at telling a tale as if it was surreal. Like if the event was a true or real event… told with some fantasy elements. No example is greater than his lone original movie Sucker Punch. Filled with bizzare dream sequences of some bizzare folks in a some what real scenario. How would translate that into a superhero movie? Answer: The Watchmen and even 300. I mean he made Owls look kick-ass awesome in the Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole. All these positives then Man of Steel… ho hum. I wonder if Executive Producer Chris Nolan is cramping his style haha. 

HOW DID THE DIRECTOR FARE? Much better than Man of Steel though some annoying things from that movie has been brought over. I definately saw some Snyder swag here. Fast & slow pacing used well. Some Zack cool angles evident. The future looks promising. OK to watch in IMAX!! More ok than a J.J. Abrams flick. 7/10.


CONCLUSION – all in all go in with a open slate mind or rather a clean slate mind… just as DCEU is trying to engrave it’s CANON material. Allow the film makers to take you where they want to go, and then judge that journey. Most of you might think there’s GAPS in the story line or loop holes that don’t add up, like they left some stones unturned. From what I gathered in my first watch of BvS and watching the 2nd movie in the DCEU series…. I go on the record to say that I think they purposely left GAPS and loop holes…. skip thru facts & details…. just so they can fill it in objectively in the various up and coming movie titles! 

HOW DOES THIS MOVIE FARE? As a total package of Studio goals, DCEU build & continuity, fan service, story telling swag… this is one of the best alternatives to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Brilliant 8.8/10. I am looking forward to a 2nd watch!

CROWD GOES WILD – THAT MOMENT when the (what is now dubbed as) trinity appear on screen of the first time. Priceless! 

*NO MID or POST-CREDITS SCENE* (as experienced during Premiere)

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens nationwide (Malaysia) 24 March 2016

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