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Captain America: Civil War Toys are on the shelves!

Oh man! ‪#‎CaptainAmericaCivilWar‬ @CaptainAmericaCivilWar toys are already out to suck our money! 6″ Marvel Legends, Legends series, Titan Hero Series etc by Hasbro! ‪#‎TeamCap‬ all the way! ‪#‎pokai‬ ‪#‎CivilWar‬


Looking forward to get the 6″ Marvel Legends that I want  but already now their very very scarce. I hope it is because of 1 per case and not because of you darn scalpers! (Scalpers, your time will come! And you will be repaid in full!)

On another note the sudden increase in the 6″ ML is shocking!! RM 139.90 for a figure o_O It’s a whole RM40 hike in price for whatever reason?


Out of all the Civil War stuff I’ve seen, this new ‘LEGENDS’ pack is really caught my interest. It calls out to me to buy…. but for RM139.90???? Are you kidding me? The figure is gonna cost some RM42.90… which means to say the bike is RM 97?? Really? It’s not even a licensed replica of the CA:TWS Harley Davison Street 750 or the Project Live Wire from Age of Ultron! I prefer to pair my figure with the low-rider Harley looking bike from the 3.75″ Wolverine movie series bike! haha! 

Looking forward to the movie! Team Cap all the way!


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