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Tanoshii Dezato – New Flavour for April 2016

The Cosplay-Fun Team was invited to sample their newest flavour of their premium softserve ice cream from Japan.
Launched in April Tanoshii Dezato new flavour called – “Haru Sakura” a sakura flavoured soft serve ice cream. So ngam for the season… the cherry blossom spring timing as well as the extra hot April weather 😀
Of course when we were there to sample, it was like a blind test. They didn’t give a any hint… it was like sit down, try, tell us what you think… guess the flavour! haha Which was really fun! 
I’m not the all out Japanese Foodie kinda guy but I’m a fan of good food 🙂 My first impression was that the ice cream was very fragrant. Refreshing fragrant and it was just nice with it’s sweetness. My guess was it was a sakura flavour ice cream & I was right haha. Much to the amusement of our host Ms Chew!
Now that was the ice cream test… next, they were going to let us try the full combo – the taiyaki (the stuffed fish shaped puff) + Haru Sakura + fruit!
If the earlier taste experience was WOW, this combo was WOW + WOW + WOW. There are 4 types of fruits to match with 7 types of stuffing for your taiyaki. Kiwi, peach, strawberry & banana to pair with your choice of taiyaki filling: red bean, custard, matcha, caramel almond, oreo crunch, chocolate banana, chocolate.
My wife & I had a chance to try Peach + Red Bean Taiyaki + Haru Sakura and Peach + Chocolate Taiyaki + Haru Sakura… did you get all that? haha
Firstly, it’s quite a lot to eat one whole combo on your own! It’s big enough to be shared with a loved one. Personally, we prefered the Chocolate x Sakura flavour because these 2 flavours complimented each other in opposites. The chocolate was a strong caster-sugar sweet coco flavour that was warm VS. the fresh fragrant flowery sakura flavour ice cream that was cold. Yummy! Oh and did I mention the chocolate oozes out of the warm baked puff? muahahaha >:D
Like the advert says this flavour is only for a limited time only (APRIL) so do head out to one of the 2 Tanoshii Dezato outlets (Tropicana City Mall & Da Men Mall USJ) and try it out!
#HaruSakura #TanoshiiDezato #Taiyaki

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