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Captain America: Civil War road show – Malaysia

Oh yea & if you all didn’t already know, there are 2, not 1 Captain America: Civil War road shows. Usually Disney has this BIG-A$$ display in Mid Valley but I guess not any more haha. Case in point: Star Wars: The Force Awakens 80% T-70 Resistance X-WING, Avengers: Age of Ultron 1:1 Scale Hulk & Hulkbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) the pirate ship Queen Anne’s Revenge, Alice in Wonderland (2010) Mad Hatter’s Tea Party etc. Good memories ūüôā

#TEAMCAP since 1986. I’m with you till the end of the line!

Civil War road show at Sunway Pyramid: Facebook album

Civil War road show at Sunway Putra Mall: Facebook album

On second thought, maybe it’s one & half road shows haha The Sunway Putra Mall’s content is a mix of other stuff. The 1:1 scale statue of Captain America is from last years Avengers: Age of Ultron road show from Mid Valley. The premium format ‘civil war’ statues of Cap vs Iron man is the comic version. Sunway Pyramid has got the legit 1:1 scale movie version Cap vs Iron man made by Beast Kingdom.¬†

However, I think those Team Cap & Team Iron man 1:1 scale standees are really cool. They are cost effective to make & are very exciting photo opportunities for fans. So this would make it fun to go visit the Sunway Putra Mall site of this road show. 

Overall, content is still lacking these Disney road shows… which unfortunately also means “content lacking at my beloved brand Marvel road shows”. Both malls were covered in a gorgeous Captain America blue carpet with red & black + impressive structures. But for activities… 2 Nerf shooting range, 1 photo booth to run a total of 24 days… thats like 3 weeks+. I’ve worked for the DC Comics side of things for their road show, ¬†and it was more immersive & had a touch of the fan elements in it. Disney side… hmm…. well whether it’s the tight budget or strict rules… or all budget is put to Marina Bays Sands SEA premiere … ¬†here is the obvious score card:

Official licensed store (Malaysia): DC 6 – Marvel 2

Official store other: DC Cafe 1 (soon to be 2) – Marvel 0

Top 100 Grossing movies of all time: DC 4 – Marvel 6.
(89#Man of Steel, 47#BvS, 24#The Dark Knight, 16#Dark Knight Rises)
(96# Thor 2, 76# Captain America 2, 61# Guardians of the Galaxy, 10# Iron Man 3, 
7# Avengers: Age of Ultron,¬†5# Marvel’s The Avengers)

Top 100 Grossing movies of all time: Warner Bros. 18 – Disney 24

(89# Man of Steel, 75# Gravity, 73# The Matrix Reloaded, 55# Harry Potter 3, 51# Inception, 47# Batman V Superman, 42# Harry Potter 2, 38# Harry Potter 4, 34# Harry Potter 6, 32# Harry Potter 5, 31# The Hobbit 3, 30# The Hobbit 2, 29# Harry Potter 7a, 26# Harry Potter 1, 24# The Dark Knight, 23# The Hobbit 1, 16# Dark Knight Rises, 8# Harry Potter 7b).

(98# The Increditbles, 96# Thor 2, 93# Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 92# Big Hero 6, 76# Captain America¬†2, 74# Up, 72# Monsters University, 71# The Chronicles of Narnia 1, 64# Maleficeint, 61# Guardians of the Galaxy, 46# Inside Out, 37# Zootopia, 33# Finding Nemo, 28# Pirates 3, 25# The Lion King, 22# Alice in Wonderland, 19# Pirates 4, 18# Toy Story 3, 17# Pirates 2, 10# Iron Man 3,¬†9# Frozen, 7# Avengers: Age of Ultron,¬†5# Marvel’s The Avengers, 3# Star Wars 7).

Movie universe offerings DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU): DCEU 2 – MCU 13

(If you include Nolan trilogy, Superman Returns & Green Lantern then)
DCEU 7 – MCU 13

TV series offerings (notable ones): DC 8 – Marvel 5 (soon to add 3)

(Smallville, Birds of Prey, Costantine Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl)
(Blade the Series, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Daredevil, Jessica Jones – soon Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders)


TV series offerings  in Seasons / Episodes (notable ones): DC 22  РMarvel 9 / DC 462 РMarvel 136


So what do we concluded? Really? What can we concluded? Well to put it very concise:

  1. MCU is rocking the box office dollar$
  2. Disney is OWNING the box office dollar$ (& for many many years to come)
  3. DC (still) ruling the TV waves.
  4. DC store doing way better than Marvel store in Malaysia (surprising).
  5. DC road show better than Marvel road show in Malaysia (strange).
  6. It’s more fun being a DC fan than a Marvel fun in Malaysia (indifferent)


Kesimpulannya: I can’t help but feel pity the other brand who is a mogul owned by a bigger mogul but yet is under performing or rather less preferred by the Malaysia fans. Or maybe it’s just better not to be owned by a mogul?


Really looking forward to the premiere. Review with no spoilers coming soon!

Captain America: Civil War in Malaysia cinemas 28 April 2016.

#CaptainAmericaCivilWar #CaptainAmerica #CivilWar #TeamCap #TeamIronMan



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